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Though abnormalities involving significant joints will usually affect the functions of the other joints, recognizing specific primary disorders at each joint is possible. People living with cerebral palsy are not different from any other person. They want to make friends, fit in and be accepted by their peers. With daily challenges, children with cerebral palsy may develop emotional distress. Parents, caregivers, and the society at large have an essential role in understanding these difficulties and ensuring that the victims with psychological problems are supported positively and given the correct medical treatment. CP does not include conditions due to progressive illness or degeneration of the brain. It is a static nonprogressive encephalopathy ( disease of the brain). Also, excluded in the CP are any disorders of muscle control that arises within themselves or the nerves outside the brain and spinal cord.

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Age onset of cerebralpalsy. According to Helen. In a research conducted in 2016, the overall CP estimate was 2. per 1000 births. The outcome is consistent with earlier reviews without meta-analysis. The prevalence was also shown to remain constant in the recent years with the addition of the newly published studies. Increase in CP prevalence contributes to improved survival in preterm and a higher number of multiple births which contributes to preterm births. Those infants born younger thantwenty-five weeks are at a fifty percent risk of getting affected with CP. Causes of cerebral palsy. CP has many causes thus making discussions of genetics complicated. Some hereditary/genetic syndromes have symptoms similar to CP but have problems different to CP. In short, some hereditary conditions “mimic” the CP. CP sustained after birth sometimes refers to acquired CP.

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Acute infections such as meningitis that affect the brain directly may also lead to CP(staff, 2016). “Many victims of CP suffer from growth impairment and have moderate to severe mental retardation”(report of the Australian cerebral palsy report register, 2013). Prognosis of CP. Prognosis in CP is a prediction of whether the child might be able to perform different essential skills such as walking in the future. Limitations to handling their emotions may lead children with CP to react more severely thus leading to severe emotional distress such as low self-esteem, anxiety, and depression. Parents of children with disabilities too are stressed more than parents with healthy kids. According to doctor Colver, Parental stress is known to cause emotional issues in children and those with CP may have heightened issues. Parents are therefore advised to take counseling sessions whereas children with emotional issues are recommended to take therapy sessions.

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There are some therapy sessions which include behavioral, social, recreational, and play therapy. Most organizations have specialized equipment to enable them o their job comfortably. Interactions with the doctor about support groups and resources that can help people with cerebral palsy is essential. Kim C S, 2015) Although CP is a primary cause of disabilities,there are many misconceptions about it. People tend to assume that just because a child has cerebral palsy, she/he is confined to a wheelchair. However, there are numerous of them who can walk and run without assistance. As time passes choices in transportation method improve for persons with disabilities. Drivers with disabilities can buy cars or vans with wheelchair lifts and hand controls. Since transportation is the critical factor in advancing the lives of people with disabilities, fixed route systems,paratransit and commuter systems are more accessible today than ever and can accommodate all including those with CP.

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People with CP can choose any means of transport whether planes, trainsand automobile. Vocational rehabilitation considerations. • Movement therapy that makes the body move in such a way that it promotes physical, emotional,spiritual and mental balance. • Mind and body techniques that massage, yoga, and breathing exercises. • Aqua therapy that enhances muscle tone improvement and independence It is important to note that the primary goals of rehabilitation are to help manage health conditions of the CP patient, manage and control pains, promote social interactions and independence as well as help with education and learning. Conclusion CP is a term used to describe a broad range of muscle impairment conditions. By understanding how the conditions affect the body, health professionals can appreciate the clinical outcomes and the common complications. In Dev Med Child Neurol (pp.

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pakistan. Kim C S, P. J. The social and emotional concern of people with cerebral palsy. An update on the prevalence of cerebral palsy. Developmental medicine and child neurology. staff, M. c. Mayo Foundation for medical education and research.

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