Psychological research into how people understand their social world

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It is important to note that rresearchers have been keen in choosing the types of research methods to utilise especially considering their strengths and weaknesses. Clearly, evidence to support the claim that psychological researchers require to utilize a variety of methods to make sense of the world we live in is sufficient and is supported by various researches. It is generally agreed that developing knowledge on anything may take several methods just as social constructionist psychologists have always done. The essay will show how the various methods, including questionnaires, interviews, and observations have been instrumental in the compiling and disseminating knowledge regardless of their limitations. The use of Sally-Anne task was very important in explaining the theory of mind among people of different ages.

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Her findings would explain the matter further from the perspective of romance and cultivation of love. The interviews were quite substantial in the process of understanding the ideologies and experiences of people in love. The researchers came to conclusion that developing the knowledge of anything may take several methods just as social constructionist psychologists. Therefore, interviews are instrumental methods in psychological research. Angie Burn’s interviews brought about a better understanding of romance and love which would otherwise be difficult to comprehend without a proper examination. Clearly, people have different feelings about national identity, an issue of great debate around us. Unfortunately, the interviews did not get a substantial explanation of the reasons behind the fact that some people are proud of their national identity while others are not.

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The examination done by Susan Condor, however, brought about some light and a better understanding on that the subject of national identity is taken for granted by people around the world. The participants were basically English and therefore, there is likelihood that the findings were one-sided. The results therefore are not universally applicable around the world. However, the observations in the research did not give answers to questions about when or why or how the various features occurred. Rather, the observations in research established more details about what is/has happened between the couples. As observations rely majorly on sensation, the characteristics utilized to portray the situation or people are normally some type of clear cut strategy else known as engaging classifications.

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It took Gottman and his colleagues spellbinding exploration to develop data about the experiences of the couples in question. Spellbinding examination largely is considered before a descriptive study. Observations are majorly carried out by the analyst to develop a better understanding of the matter at hand. This research allows us to understand how conflicts are influenced in relationships and their progression to levels whereby they cannot be contained easily. The observations and interviews revealed some intricacies of how conflicts are manifested by people’s reactions as noted in their voices, movements, and reactions to various stimuli. Questionnaires as well as surveys are commonly utilized methods in studying about various topics in the field of psychology. The researchers normally get some samples and administer tests, surveys and/or questionnaires in order to get data about the various issues.

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