Psychology In Popular Culture

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Retrieved from http://123movie. mn/watch/yGDYWwd6-the-railway-man. html Rewar, S. , Mirdha, D. , & Rewar, P. The authors have presented some of the causes of PTSD as war and terror attacks. The article presents accurate information where it states that ongoing violence is one of the reasons why it is hard to identify long-term conventions to reduce the impact of PTSD. The article supports my plan because it states that in most cases, people do not understand the mental condition a reason why the develop misconceptions as the media plays a role in misrepresenting the affected. The information provided presents one of the challenges that many people face because no person can understand what they go through. The material will thus support my argument and claims on the misrepresentation of PTSD in the media and this will help people in understanding the illness to support the affected.

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The challenge may affect the ex-veterans and make it hard for them to cope with life after retirement. The author, however, explains that some measures may help in countering the negative impact of PTSD. For instance, some of the ways through which people can understand and overcome the mental condition include the use of art based models to show the affected that they have a position in the society and that people appreciate them. The information provided in the article will assist in my plan because it will offer solutions to the misrepresentations that the media applies when expressing the issue of PTSD among other mental disorders. Elliott, L. The diagnosis process for PTSD does not always provide accurate results because of similar symptoms with other mental conditions.

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