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The reason is that music contributes a lot to the growth of a country's economy. In psychology, music is either viewed in the negative or positive direction. Under the positive psychology, music is regarded as important to the people due to the happiness it brings to them. However, music is viewed negative based on its disadvantages to the people which may be because of noise (Seligman, & Csikszentmihalyi, 2014). Music is currently growing rapidly and it has inspired a large number of people. The independent variable is the effect of music while the dependent variable is the mindset of the people. Purpose of research The research is aimed at determining the effect of psychological music on the people's brain. Under the research, the ethical issues related to the emotions people get after listening to music will be put into consideration.

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The researcher will focus on the positive psychology which is concerned with the happiness people get after listening to the music. For instance, church choirs become happy after listening to gospel songs. As a result, people set their minds to only capture the theme or the music effect of the tone in the song. The only positive effect of music on the brain is the emotional entertainment, skills, and message the people get after listening or playing music. This happens since music is engrained in the DNA of the people (Hallam, Cross, & Thaut, 2011). Research methodology Under this section, the appropriate research design will be used to collect data about the effects of music on the people’s mindset. I will prefer using quantitative research design where I will classify it into descriptive, quasi-experimental, experimental and correlational approaches.

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For a large sample size, sampling method will be appropriate to use. Secondly, the availability of the information about the topic is a great determinant. Also, the goal of the research determines the type of the information contained in the study. Lastly, the type of research design determines the method which the researcher should use. For instance, the qualitative and quantitative research strategy influences the research strategies chosen. Laws and regulations regarding the respondents are other ethical issues should be considered. In this, the researcher should not go against the rules governing the respondents (Bond et al. Other groups in data collection Moreover, there are other groups of people which can be considered during data collection. They include Christian churches and the gospel singers who are also associated with music.

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However, these people will pose ethical challenges related to the denominations since some religions do not like being asked research questions and this can affect the mood of the researcher when collecting data. The most effective method used to protect the confidentiality of the participants during the study is the use of study codes. These are used when dealing with the data collection instruments that store the information about the respondents (Palys, & Lowman,2006). In case of the coercion, appropriate mitigation strategy is required. The best way to resolve the issue of harm and threat is making sure only the interested participants volunteer themselves to collect data. Other potential data collection methods There are other research techniques that can be used in the research but they do not pose ethical issues.

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