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The level of income or wealth, age gender or your rave does not determine your happiness. Why determines your happiness is having good health, have achievable goals and expectations, being optimistic, having friends who are supportive, having the feeling of being in control, stable and fulfilling marriage, having enough leisure, retreat and rest and most importantly, having faith and having support from one's community. The author of this book focuses on who are the people that are happy, when and why they are happy. It is believed that those people who are physically disabled are not usually happy but David Myers will make you believe that these people are actually happy than anyone would assume. It focuses on how people are happy in marriage and what it takes t adapt to marriage and it also states that people take around two years to adapt to their marriage.

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Wealth and Well-Being In the United States and in Canada, the correlation between income and happiness has been decreasing and it is now almost to zero. Many investigations write on behalf of some belief or people's view. Happiness does not depend on external factors such as wealth but it depends on one's satisfaction. One can be wealthy but not satisfied while another person is not wealthy as such but he can afford his daily requirements but he is happy and satisfied. Satisfaction is brought about by well being like for instance being in good health and having supportive friends and being optimistic about life. Study of Happiness Majority of men do not experience well being in their early forties which is actually a mid-life crisis.

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Moods in adulthood can be endured more and they are less extreme compared to adolescents. The intensity of emotions reduces with increase in age. Middle wives who often busy and their lives are full usually enjoy more happiness and satisfaction. Myer states that women are more emotional compared to men. People with low self-esteem are likely to suffer from depression. This is because they are constantly asking themselves why no one wants to associate with them and therefore they feel neglected. Myers also states that happy people believe that they are the ones who choose their destinies. Being in a position to control oneself life is a predictor of a positive feeling of well being. People who feel that they are in control of their life and that they are satisfied with their lives to have a positive feeling of happiness.

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People who sleep seven to eight hours during the night are likely to suffer from depression than those who sleep fewer hours. He adds that meditation boosts one's lifetime. This is according to a research carried out by seventy-three residents from different nursing were assigned to a condition, one with mediation and another without meditation. After four years, a quarter of the non-mediators had died while the mediators were all alive. In my opinion, as the wise people say, much work without play makes Jack a dull boy. The percentage of the marriages that have been successful may be lower than a quarter. The difference between the happily married and the unmarried is decreasing. Couples who live far from each other may because of work state that the heart does not lead to affectionate.

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Such couples experience twice the rate of divorce compared to other couples. Also, those who cohabit before they get married are always likely to divorce. Myers, however, provided evidence that is present in marriages and he should be commended. In summary, happiness does not depend on external factors like wealth but it depends on internal factors such as self-esteem, optimistic attitude and oneself belief. Myers states that the ingredients of a happy life are being positive and being satisfied with what life has to offer and no matter the circumstances, always believing that tomorrow will always be better than today. Happy people believe are optimistic and they always keep telling themselves that when the going gets hard, only the tough get going.

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