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Regulations such as genetic engineering regulation are applicable in different countries to uphold ethics in the use of the technology by appreciating its associated risks to humans and animals. This regulation ranges from GMO products processes to advance ones like human cloning for reproductive purposes which is banned in countries like Brazil (Christoph & Tosun, 2018). Another one in the category is the blood alcohol limit for operation of vehicle or machinery whose regulation aims to ensure the right behavior and physiological state during machine operation. This does not only ensure you conduct yourself rightfully but also for the safety of both yourself and the place of operation. Moreover how you conduct yourself in the office is governed by both labor laws and Integrity clauses.

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Therefore, since climate change and health risks are results of public activities, it is logical that they are solved through public policies like environmental regulation or universal healthcare policies (Christoph & Tosun, 2018). In addition, environmental policy can provide a framework which stipulates the extent to which the government needs to be involved in activities that result in the improvement of the quality of the environment. These may include regulating the amount of industrial wastes that come from various industries within the country. Healthcare policies, on the other hand, will provide and determine the value and cost of health services to improve human lives and overall healthcare infrastructure. Therefore both fall under government mandate; hence the government is obligated to address these issues.

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