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This study provided development on the unavailable information in using an Internet-based tool in the treatment of postpartum depression. To effect the recruitment of the adolescent mothers the researchers used visual appeal. Significant interventions were improved through the change in attitude, intention to seeking mental and depression treatment. Problems related to the postpartum treatment include poor child-mother relationship, general functioning, caring skills, and behaviours in seeking health care. This method is the most inexpensive and increases treatment of depression rates among the adolescent mothers (Logsdon et al, 2017). The group chosen was controlled and the study was conducted through community organizations and home visits. The tools used were just for the intervention of the study. The rationale of this study design was due to the fact that the most affected by postpartum depression are adolescent mothers.

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This design helped in the formulation of the methods to be used in a controlled environment and provided for an opportunity to learn more about the group in the study. The philosophical and theoretical perspective of the researchers is that the theory of planned behaviour affects the way adolescent mothers seek health care, functions and perceive control of their postpartum depression. Redundancy in data was reached through the use of this sampling method though the number used to represent the whole population did not provide a clear representation. The participants in the study were comprehensively analyzed and the information about the sample choice was guided by taking the number of the pregnant adolescents in the respective states and clinical sites. The description of the participants in the study was detailed and significant to the research question.

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The sample applicability in nursing is by the population that frequently visit health centres and the unreached adolescent mothers according to the study who do not follow up on the postpartum treatment. To conduct the study, the selected individuals' consent was obtained from the authorities and the individuals. The data collection methods were procedural taking the respondents from step to step. Though the research was highly formulated the number of field assistants did not have enough training to ensure that errors are avoided. The flexibility of these methods and design was limited due to formulated questions which were supposed to be the same for cohesive data collection. The researchers provide a deep description of the field officers and site analysis and the roles played during data collection.

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In the analysis of the acquired data ‘greedy’ mechanism was used to reduce the bias between effect modification and potential confounding. 8% agreed that the website was easy to use and 70. 2% agreed a website is an essential place to learn about depression. On the recommendation of the website to other teen mums’ was 70% where 110 respondents participated. Interventions increased attitudes to treatment of mental depressions. Intentions were achieved in independent variables and adjusted approach impacted on the odds seeking treatment. C. , Myers, J. , Rushton, J. , Gregg, J. L. Most of these authors are from the university of Louisville department of pediatrics, adolescent psychiatry and school of nursing. • This article was first published in the journal of clinical nursing and draws its objective from the preexisting studies.

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This is a scholarly article drawing this qualifications from its strict layout and extensive structure. It was published in the peer reviewed journal with reference which are more related to the topic. It is a well-organized piece, concise and adherence to the grammar rules. • Sampling method for the respondents. • Methods of data collection and findings The use of dependent and independent variables based on the theory of Planned Behaviour. The method of the research was quantitative and controlled by the research design employed which was pretest and posttest. Check for a match between the research question, research method, and the techniques and tools employed for data collection, and check for evidence that the criteria for excellence in data collection were met for the paradigm to which the research method belongs.

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