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Gloria knew how surviving as a street family was complicated. She felt pity and saddened by her life experience of being a street child. After finishing her higher-learning education, she wanted to give back to the society by providing humanitarian services. Gloria had a vision of making a difference in the society. However, deciding to provide free permanent houses to indigent was not entirely a simple step. Gloria knows that by paying employees fairly, they become motivated to provide humanitarian services to the maximum levels. Moreover, it helps in promoting and advertising the image and brand of the company to thrive in the product market. Several questions arise on how Real-Human Dignity Housing Company survives and competes in the market despite the fact that it provides humanitarian services in the public domain.

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Even though social enterprise companies revolve around providing public charity, it is essential to recognize that it can be a firm and stable business that thrives on proper business productivity and success through operating responsibly. The success of the initiative does not only help the society but also sustains Gloria and her family to live a better life. Besides, it provides a range of customers across discerning geographical locations which then improve the business image and productivity. Furthermore, involvement as a socially good enterprise makes Real-Human Dignity Housing Company effortlessly appealing to customers an incentive to paying premium rental prices. This is a social responsibility and suitability which in return provides an extension of exclusivity of the company. Also, it lowers the risk factors of losses through improving productivity, profitability, and justification of premium rental prices.

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Furthermore, this is not only advantageous to the stakeholders of the company but also a factor that encourages new investments to the company as much as it raises business evaluation. This existence is a crucial startup of additional new customers to the current chain thereby leveling up the profitability of Real-Human Dignity Housing Company. Besides, loyal customers are always the idea behind productivity and success of an enterprise as they pose high chances of reviews by recommending the rental services provided by the company to their friends, which in return increases the sales of the company. As a friend recommends other friends to the company’s rental services, and the next level of friends recommend other friends, the chain levels up, providing even more massive market size and an array of customers which improve the productivity of the company.

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In other words, as a customer invites or recommends a friend to reside in the houses, the friend also recommend another friend and the chain continues. Provision of fair wages to workers and employees makes them motivated which then improves productivity. Housing is a primary human want thus any government would like to offer any support to any firm, agency or company providing the services to its citizens. Moreover, housing is even a human right. Thus governments would protect and defend the initiative as a vital, essential and relevant initiative that caters to the well-being of humankind. Real-Human Dignity Housing Company becomes more lucrative and attractive to investors. Most investors look for companies and teams that have integrity, real passion and a message that is very attractive. The Importance of Adequate Housing.

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