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One of the most widely known psychotropic drugs is cocaine. Cocaine is one of the most addictive stimulants that is gotten from the leaves of the famous South American coca plant. The regions with the highest markets for cocaine are the Americas, Australia and a more substantial part of Western Europe. In fact, cocaine is the second most trafficked drug after ‘Marijuana. ’ Wealthy and lucrative industry use cocaine. A research that was done in the year 2004, showed that the size of cocaine users grew at 1. 8% annually. Research shows that cocaine is the leading drug in Canada, regarding the side effect that it causes. Cocaine users suffer from constant have financial problems, health and also an emotional problem. Also, about 17. Another factor that makes the users of cocaine use more of the drug is the outcome of taking the drug.

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Once the levels of cocaine in the bloodstream drop, the users feel low after experiencing euphoria and other related symptoms. Euphoria acts as a motivation to take an extra dosage for the users to get back to the ‘high’ that they were initially enjoying. Euphoria is a state in which one is full of a lot of excitement and happiness. The feeling of euphoria is what makes the users of cocaine find the drug hard to stop (Cregler et al. Cocaine also enhances the feelings of relaxation, better partying among others. Disadvantages of Using Cocaine However, the long-term effects and the disadvantages of using cocaine are more detrimental than the positive effects caused by cocaine. One of the most dangerous long-term effects of cocaine is an addiction, where the individual develops a level of tolerance and dependence in such that they cannot do without it.

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In fact, cocaine has the highest number of addiction cases. Cocaine addiction affects not only the addict but also the society at large. A common mistake by abusers is having unprotected sex under the influence of cocaine. Unprotected sex exposes one to the risk of contracting deadly diseases such as HIV or other sexually transmitted infections such as syphilis. Research has shown that cocaine enhances the speed of HIV infection. The studies show that cocaine reduces the immune system of cell function which in turn increases the rate at which HIV sells multiply in the body. Also, higher rates of the multiplication of HIV cells might expose one to higher chances of one suffering from HIV opportunistic diseases. Excessive consumption of cocaine consumption may cause one to lose their job.

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Therefore, the loss of income increases the financial dependency that the victim has on the people around them. Finally, societal issues may also arise where the country loses youths who would otherwise be productive members of the public. Loss of young people reduces the number of competent work in the market. This, in turn, reduced the GDP of the country, which ultimately leads to a decline of the economy. The media can also spread the world by hosting TV shows that warn against cocaine use, use of campaign posters against cocaine use and many more. The government can also make several efforts of reducing cocaine intake. For instance, the government may decide to put strict penalties on the people who practice cocaine trade.

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In fact, cocaine is considered as an illegal drug in most of the countries around the world. When the public hears that there was a seizure of cocaine at some point, they eventually have a negative perception against cocaine. The therapy also helps the addicts to regain their interaction with the community. Finally, the self-help program therapy helps the addicts to take responsibility for the mistakes that they did while using cocaine and making up for their mistakes. The therapy assists in self-forgiveness and guides the addicts on how to abstain from cocaine abuse. Conclusion From the cases above, the ‘positive’ results of the use of cocaine cannot get compared to its devastating impacts has. Cocaine negatively impacts the users, their family and the society at large.

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