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Ramsey & Caroline quote; “Reflection is the mode of learning that enables students to improve their performance through critical thinking and the learning experience. This mode of learning enables students to make an evaluation and get into deep learning through engaging in several activities like peer review, self-review, and personal development planning. This narrative paper will try to address and argue whether the work of this semester met the course objectives of Composition II. This is an evaluation of self on the capability to perform and also the trends of improvement towards a certain task. Reflection on accurate use of documentation systems on MLA Most of the assignments are accompanied by the rubric instructions and guidance on how to do a paper using some specific regulations.

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The target of the paper defines the writing to be used. Writing is a journey that is evaluated by performance, producing the best is the desire of any writer. Having several exercises, language activities and more so the reflective writings. For the starter, it is good to learn in a corrective way. As the course objective requires. Analysis of Rhetorical situations over various genres and media This is an analysis that puts the purpose, genre, stance, and purpose into consideration. These can easily be mistaken for the review because they are done in the same way by entailing the analysis of the text. These require the use of rhetorical strategies that are; critical reading, argumentation, strategies for effective communication and avoidance of the logical facilities.

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Critical thinking is the determination of the intention to communicate the intended message to the intended audience. Critical reading becomes the opening step in this rhetoric analysis whereby critical reading skills are applied. This is more step by step by staring at the affirmation of the truth towards a conclusive statement by making the audience agree with the statement. Through observing all this the evaluation and meeting the course, objectives was a favor unto my side. Conclusion The stated regulations pertaining different form of writing are no subject to be violated for the wellbeing in performance. All the instructions that are provided must be executed and adhered to. The reflective writing above is based on the performance analysis of the performance that was exhibited through the past semester.

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