Reflection on Children with Special Needs

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Educating children with special needs is a challenge on itself, and as a teacher, one must make sure that they impact positively on the children. There are certain ideas that one should try to uphold and some form of discrimination that one should not allow from him or herself or from other people who deal with the children. Children with disabilities are open-minded and hence have not yet dealt with a lot of injustices in their life. They are also not aware of the numerous form of injustices that they are likely to encounter in their life. Children with special needs should be taught from a young age on how to be resilient and disregard any form of spiteful behavior directed towards them.

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These qualities are important for people dealing with all children in general but are more crucial when dealing with children who have special needs and their families. This is because sometimes children can take long to master even the most basic or simple tasks, and this is especially common in children with special needs. It is during such times when the teacher should offer encouragement and hope by celebrating any victories made by the children no matter how small, or big the accomplishments are. The teacher should put him or herself in their shoes and realize how frustrating it would be to try their best to master a concept or an activity to no avail, especially if the children are showing genuine interest and effort (Special Education Degrees, 2013).

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