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This memo focuses on the reflection of these various components on how it has helped me to develop an improved professional image and job readiness. The Elevator Pitch The elevator pitch has different approaches. The elevator pitch did help to analyze problems and to identify goals. The analysis of the problem was vital in developing a solution and focusing on one core problem. In the process, the elevator pitch provided me with a base in getting the right objectives and improving my presentation. I go a chance to get a better understanding of the interview setting and the interviewers. This taught me the necessity of keeping time and attending job interviews just before the assigned time in order to identify interview setting.

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Creating, Revising and Submitting a Cover Letter and Resume Creating the cover letter provided me with an opportunity to showcase and elaborate on my job skills and my writing ability. It gave me an insight into knowing that the cover letter highlights my skills and interest and directs the reader to get more details in my resume. Revising the cover letter and the resume was key in making sure that the description and details were specific and relevant to the position and company. It is one of the leads where people and business search for a qualified individual to occupy certain positions. Therefore, it prepares and links me to job opportunities and promotes my professional brand online. Many companies maintain their own LinkedIn and update the company information.

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