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The study of psychology helps an individual to have a personal understanding and gaining of the new insights. The insights help in getting to know the inner feelings and the relationship behavior and get to a better position in having the knowledge of what they struggle with. Psychology is also significant in the development of the healthy social relationship as most of the topics explored are linked to the individual's ability to have a good relationship with their colleagues. It is also through a thorough study of psychology topics that an individual is in a position to get better organizational skills as the person gets to understand and acknowledge the environment around them. Some of the issues that are widely explored in psychology related to societal relationships include cultural differences and racism.

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The study helped to understand the cause of my behavior and of the people around me due to the better understanding of the functionality of the brain and its direct impact on the behavior change. It has also impacted positively on my relationships with the people around me and also improved on my organizational skills as I have consistently understood the reason people behave in a certain way. Psychology advocates for the consciousness and awareness of personal thoughts, feelings, and emotions. The consciousness is the ability of a person to be aware of the shifting in their emotions and feelings from time to time. It is only through understanding psychology principles that an individual gets to have a better awareness of their feeling and also make a positive judgment of the actions of the people around them.

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It has improved my ability to manipulate images and words and also recalling information that is helpful in improving my understanding of the issues around me. Languages represent the ability of an individual to describe a given system of communication and it is through psychology that I have known my strengths and weaknesses in language (Lee et al. I have got to understand the behavior of the people around me in relation to intelligence and communication and hence improve on the personal relationships. It is also significant to understand the aspects when in a leadership position as it is directly related to organizing groups of people. Motivation and emotion is an important aspect in psychology as it describes the change in the behavior of an individual.

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Psychology is very important in expressing the ability to cope with stress and also describe the factors that usually leads to the causes. Healthy psychology advocates for the proper condition of the brain and also the consistency in the improvement of how one is able to handle the stress (Tyler et al. The understanding of coping with stress is very significant in helping me to live a healthy life. The understanding of stress is also helpful in identifying with the people undergoing through stressful times and help them out. A personality is also a unit that has helped me to understand my personal character better. Communication is vital and critical and an understanding of the aspects that are related to it is significant.

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