Relationship between PTSD and Suicide among War Veterans

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Concerning this research, the researchers would focus on the relationship between suicidal cases experienced in war veterans and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder PTSD as a result of depressions. Suicidal ideation is the thought or the preoccupation thoughts that an individual has, for killing themselves. Medical practitioners have been linking suicidal ideation to certain mental illnesses. It is highly unlikely for a normal person to consider taking their life not unless the individual is depressed or has some mental illness that makes him or her not to conceptualize the essence of life. Research Question Are suicidal thoughts related to PTSD on military personnel? Research Problem The problem of the research is to come up with a sufficient number of individuals who will feature in the collection of the data to prove that the project has a significant effect on the current society.

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Take an example of military personnel posted in a camp, is given an assignment by his or her officials to go on a combat mission (Kleim & Ehlers, 2009). During his or her mission, this individual encounters a situation whereby his colleague, who they were well acquitted, gets killed in the mission while this individual survives but gets away with serious injuries. In most cases, such a person will always remember such tragedies to the point that they become traumatic hence will no longer see the essence of life since he or she lost someone close. Apparently, such a person will not even anticipate going for another mission for fear of the outcome. If by any chance this individual is given another assignment, the probability of him or her refusing this duty will be high and since refusing an order from the commander is prohibited, the individual may consider committing suicide to avoid being blamed or punished.

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Research Methodology Every research conducted requires a study design to come up with accurate and complete results. Based on whether the research work has a theoretical or conceptual approach, the researcher has to choose whether to include a qualitative or quantitative research design (Elo & Kyngäs, 2008). For this research, the design adopted was a quantitative approach since it involved the use of complex mathematical procedures to generate the expected results. The sample size will come from two groups generating a maximum number of 520 individuals. With this, one could safely argue that the sample size was eligible in collecting data since that figure could arguably engender an appropriate result. Since the research involves the quantitative methodologies, ANCOVA method suited in data analysis section.

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The ANCOVA process involves general linear models which confound factors that are known as covariates. This procedure assumes some homogeneity in the regression slope and adds up some interaction models. The ANCOVA procedure relies on some probability measurements which correlate to the research methodologies. Some of these processes are too complex in that manual calculations will be irrelevant in computing results. Conclusively, the research would identify issues concerning depression including the factors which lead to its development concerning the identified subjects. Respectively, the research will focus on the issue of PTSD and how it is related to suicide ideologies confided in military veterans. A majority of the sources that would be used to generate sufficient literature would come from medically related research.

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