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Therefore, in general psychology it is essential to know the acts of human behavior and the relationship with the nervous system. Concisely, physiological psychology tricks vary depending on the response from an individual or a group of people. For example, in a group setup when, when a group of people laugh, we always tend to look at the person who is closest to us in the laughing process. In application of physiological psychology, we are able to first track alcoholism when it expresses. Ideally, from the start, there is no coordination and coherence in someone’s thoughts when under the influence of alcohol. In most cases, the victims actions look indecent to the normal ways the person has been observed overtime. Community Psychology This type of psychology studies the context of an individual within a community and the relationship they have to co-exist together. it is important to study the attitude and the behavior of individuals in the communities and how an individual relates with the community. With regard to the study, we will find out the perspectives of the community towards an individual and how the perspective shapes or destroys an individual behavior. This type of psychology tries to find out the quality of life of people, the society and the community. The community members may influence person’s involvement in alcohol or the community may have a perspective about past someone’s involvement in alcoholism. This involvement will determine how the community will view the person. Counseling psychology It focuses on helping develop personal as well as interpersonal relationships in trying to address the emotional, social, health-related, educational and organizational challenges.

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They are geared towards addressing and reducing the stress and discomfort levels especially brought about by sudden maladies, events and calamities. It is important to include this area in understanding the literature in the whole psychology and how the interpersonal relationships and personal can be key in addressing the individual challenges. The aspect of study may involve, open interactions as well as closed door interactions. In exploring alcoholism, through the personal interactions and individuals who have been involved in the various substance uses, they will be able to start worrying their lives, their relationships and resort to looking for advices from other individuals. Spiritual psychology This is the type of psychology of spiritual and religious feelings, beliefs and activities. It is expressed when, there is a belief, understanding about a certain supreme power that all human pay their allegiance.

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However, the beliefs, feelings and activities from different religions in most cases may tend to differ. E. Selinger, H. V. Community psychology and the schools: A behaviorally oriented multilevel approach. Routledge. The resource brings out an interesting phenomenon in community psychology, that reveals how our behaviors from be influential in shaping the perspectives we get from the community. Blundell, J. Physiological psychology (Vol. Routledge. This resource tries to bring out the concept of the physiological psychology and what it entails. Washington, DC, US: American Psychological Association. The authors of this resource bring out how the community influences on how we can alter our behavior to build relationship with the community members. Carolissen, R. Shefer, T. Smit, E. Journal of Image Processing and Artificial Intelligence, 4(1). This resource explains how the spiritual psychology has been helpful in making individuals feel better and attain full satisfaction when they found out that the religious believes are attached to what they are doing.

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Douglas, B. Woolfe, R. Strawbridge, S. The Wiley-Blackwell handbook of transpersonal psychology. John Wiley & Sons. This resource will be helpful in the Capstone project in exploring the different subfields of psychology and the relation to one another as well as how the use of psychology can be used to influence one’s character. Gelfand, S. A. Routledge. The resource plays a huge role in distinguishing the varied reactions the mind of a person gets after a response from the human behavior. Howard, R. Working as a Counselling Psychologist. In Counselling Psychology (pp. L. Scott, A. B. Hipp, K. Belavich, T. This resource will be key in the Capstone project, in trying to bring out the different beliefs, practices and activities in different religions. In emphasizes on the aspect of sociology of religion and its desired effects.

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Kelly, J. G. Song, A. J. Peterson, C. T. Pung, M. A. Y. Duffy, K. G. Community psychology. Psychology Press. Perceptions and representations: The theoretical bases of brain research and psychology. Routledge. The resource tries to explain the perceptions and the perspectives of the people towards different scenarios and how the brain or mind of a person responds differently from the perceptions made by the people. Paloutzian, R. F. This resource tries to bring out the challenges that are expected and are dominant in several religions and how spiritual counseling in its expression will probably help solve some of the challenges or it will not help in solving. Wilt, J. A. Grubbs, J. B. This resource brings in the aspect of the impact of psychology in relation to fostering friendly and healthy relationships in the communities.

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