Role of women in the japanese society

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In others, women are discriminated and viewed as characters who are inferior and were supposed to do duties in accordance with the rules and regulations of the society (Narayan, np). Empirically, the discussion narrows down different roles of women in Japanese societies. It explains how religion in Japan neglected women and subjected them into discrimination over men. It also analyses how women are limited in gaining education and performing religious activities in the society. Role of women The Tale of Genji happened during the Heian era in Japanese society where roles of women and men were dictated by the norms of the society. Women were handled according to the beliefs in the country and were not supposed to be seen close to men.

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They were also limited in their roles which performed for the society. Through the work of literature that was done by different writers, women were advocating for changes in how they were discriminated by men. Most of them claimed that the world was changing and they were therefore aiming at experiencing the same dynamics in their era. They wanted the beliefs of their religion to favor them and bring about gender balance in the society. Women had a sense of order and perfection in their workings and such things contributed to their good leadership. Most of the literary work and documentaries claimed that women had the status of women and there was no difference between man and woman leadership. The introduction of the two religion contributed to changes in the perception people had towards women.

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The society started viewing women as characters with evil qualities and such things led to the submission of women in Japanese society. Women started being subjected to roles where they were not supposed to interact with men due to the religious beliefs which were borrowed from China. The beliefs borrowed from Chinese society neglected women from acquiring opportunities in education and religious matters in Japan. Women were handled as vessels of sex and their work was only giving birth to children and perform house duties. As a result of education, the few educated women wrote some literature works that were meant to bring influence and changes in the society that advocated for gender balance. Irrespective of their discrimination, women who attained little education believed that they should be faithful to their husbands and they didn’t deserve oppression.

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