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The main themes of the play include love, hate, sex, youth, art and culture, morality, marriage, family, and folly. The deaths of the young star-crossed lovers are what ultimately reconciles the feuding families who make this play a tragedy. The production I intend to watch is Romeo + Juliet film which was produced in the 1st November 1996 directed by Baz Luhrmann. Although some parts of the production were shot in Miami, most of the film was shot in Mexico City. The Film has been reviewed over and over by individuals, experts, agencies, organization and has merited to be aired to all type of audiences. At the beginning of the play, Romeo is defined by a self-indulgent melancholy, but later becomes more active and committed which is marked by him killing Tybalt.

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Believing that the love of his life is dead, Romeo kills himself, which is his final act of passion. Romeo falls for Juliet quickly and passionately which why he is depicted as one who embraces an idealistic view of love. Juliet, a Capulet reciprocates and falls in love with Romeo. She is portrayed as a girl with purpose owing to her strong will and rebellious streak. lust Rome and Juliet is by far a love story, but the lover's story is not being entirely motivated by love, seems to be in play. “Romeo’s love for Juliet is love at first sight (I, v, 43-52). It is more of a sign of infatuation as opposed to love. Romeo falls in love with Juliet even before she meets her based solely on her beauty and is the case for Juliet (Shakespeare).

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in Act II, scene 2, after knowing each other for a little over an hour, Romeo and Juliet agree to marry each other. The first original play is believed to have been performed between 1594 and 1595 during which the demand for entertainment was high and was the performance was received by excitement (Weimann Robert, and Douglas). Part III Romeo and Juliet, a 1996 film was produced by Baz Luhrmann where he adopted the classic Shakespearean romantic tragedy where he updated the setting to Verona beach, a modern city (Lehmann). The film was produced by two companies Bazmark Films and Twentieth Century Fox. Rome and Juliet Film is very successful in the appropriation of the original play by Shakespeare. Baz Luhrmann does a great job in creatively transforming the pre-16th century into a contemporary culture film which retains the same values and language, but a different context.

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The title of the Film, Romeo + Juliet has a cross sign which is used in place of star-crossed lovers. Both the Capulets and Montagues are Christian families. Jablet wears a T-shirt with images of Jesus as he meets justice to Montague boys at the beginning of the film and a guise of the devil later in the movie during Capulet party. Notable design One of the outstanding design of Luhrmann film is how he delivered Shakespeare’s rich poetry intact through an ingenious and resourceful manner. Luhrmann, in a refreshing conceit, transforms the Shakespeare’s’ character into modern archetypes which the modern generation can easily recognize (Lehmann). To ensure that the movie does not detract the original play, I would use less violence and eliminate the used gun to uses knives, swords, and rapiers.

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