Self Reflection and Interviews With Significant Others

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I was curious to find out what positive traits that I should retain and the negative traits that I should improve. Additionally, I wanted to find out the skills that I have and those that I needed to develop in my personal and professional life. I have worked under my supervisor, Mr. Williams for five years and he, therefore, knows more about me professionally. He is also an honest man and I was certain that he would honestly answer the questions. I learned that I am a normally base my decisions on logic rather than on my emotions. I also learned that I put the needs of other people ahead of mine. I gain great satisfaction from helping needy people in the society and safeguarding their wellbeing.

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I believe that this comes from the compassionate and selfless nature that I have. There were also perspectives that were reaffirming from both interviews. I believe that the knowledge that I have gained through this experience will be very useful in helping me to make the necessary improvements in both my personal and career life. Section II: Interviews INTERVIEW GUIDE SHEET Interview # 1 Person Interview: Andrew Williams Relationship: Supervisor Questions: 1. What do you think with reference to my personality? As a professional, I perceive you to be a diligent, committed, highly motivated, and responsible employee. When I look at you from a personal perspective, I think you are a compassionate, generous, kind, caring, and self-less person 2. What do you regard as are my greatest strengths? I think that your determination, motivation, reliability, and efficiency skills are your greatest strengths.

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I have observed that many times you encounter difficulties in adapting to new changes in the organization. You take a lot of time to adjust to changing situations which is not good at all for your career. INTERVIEW GUIDE SHEET Interview # 2 Person Interviewed: Kim Sullen Relationship: Close friend. Question 1. What do you think with reference to my personality? I think you are a compassionate, diligent, caring, selfless, and loyal person. Which skills do you think I have that make me a good leader? I can say that your good listening skills make you a good leader since you are able to listen to attentively listen to a person without interrupting them. Additionally, your interpersonal skills make you a really good leader as you are able to relate well with the people around you.

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What kinds of negative values do I have? Having known you since we were in middle school, I can say that impatience is your most negative value. You have ended up postponing time-consuming tasks severally since to do not have the patience to accomplish them. I believe that you should learn on how to become patient as this will improve make you more efficient in your job and help you to improve your relationships.

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