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Heterosexual or rather straight people were used to describe people with sexual attractions to the opposite gender, while gays and lesbians were considered homosexuals, those who had sex and were attracted to same-sex individuals. Therefore, an individual’s sexual alignment was founded on the sex of her or his sexual companion. However, this changed with time when the society could acknowledge bisexuality, the ability of an individual to be attracted, and initiate sex with both genders, female and male. Initially, the society considered bisexuals as confused and immature individuals who could not understand what they wanted. Nonetheless, it was accepted in the world of sex, as nothing would go through it. It is acceptable for straight women to hold hands, touch, kiss as a greeting, and even go to the extent of lying in one’s arms without vilification or misconstrued as bisexual or lesbian (Mereish et al.

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Contrastingly, there is rigid de-feminization and discouragement of men from being affectionate with one another. Although this is changing in society, there is open-minded parenting based on gender behaviors. Men who feel threatened by ridicule and physical violence learned to compartmentalize sex, tenderness, and love. According to Katz-Wise et al. Moreover, there was assumption of sexual desire or behavior and sexual identity as congruent. However, this may not be the case. These conventions may be exact for only a professed mainstream, and not aimed at the population. Sexuality has not only occurred in a continuum, but there are as well individuals who can and do change on a particular range across their lifetime. There are instances when sexuality can be fluid, depending on the condition and time. There is much reflection of this theme in much of the literature where self-reported sexual orientation fails to correlate with their sexual activity, with quite several men engaging in same-sex behaviors while maintaining a heterosexual identity.

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Men are more likely to engage in same-sex interactions than men, while men are more likely to express homonegative and sexist attitudes than women who failed to encourage such interactions. In most instances, men who engage or promote homosexual behavior tend to display heteronormativity. Men that identify with homosexual orientations are mostly on the military bases. Most men are in denial about their identity and do not appreciate their situation. It is as well important to note the sexual agency, which refers to complex history of inter-play, social and cultural hegemony, and their relation to sexual identity and sexuality (Katz-Wise & Sabla 205). Its main theme was interwoven in almost every aspect but yet the most significant and complex theme, and it is about understanding the sexual fluidity concept. There are apprehension and confusion identified as experienced by some of the participants when attempting to self-label their sexual orientation caused by the complex attraction experiences to both the opposite and same-sex.

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Although bisexuality has traditionally been used to refer to those who experience sexual attraction to both opposite and same-sex, bisexuality remains to be one of the most unstable sexual identities due to its variation in sexual attraction. The advocacy and propagation for gay rights and the legalization and legitimization of lesbianism and homosexuality help in understanding human sexuality intricacies.  Psychology & Sexuality 6. Katz-Wise, Sabra L. and Janet S. Hyde. Facilitative Environments Related to Sexual Orientation Development and Sexual Fluidity in Sexual Minority Young Adults Across Different Gender Identities. Mereish, Ethan H. Sabra L. Katz-Wise, and Julie Woulfe. We're here, and we're queer: Sexual orientation and sexual fluidity differences between bisexual and queer women.  Journal of Bisexuality 17.

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