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Such information includes telephone numbers and home address. The department of sheriff does allow complaints of service that is inadequate and misconduct of the employees, and the complaints are processed using a laid procedure. Investigations of complaints are conducted in a fair, impartial, timely, and thorough manner. There is supervisory personnel who are supposed to receive complaints, but any member of the department is allowed to receive complaints from any complainant. There is no employee who is allowed to discourage any individual who wants to file a complaint ("Collier County Arrests"). All the employees of the sheriff department are eligible to function as jurors and are required to for the duty of jury unless given an excuse from the office of the Jury Commissioner.

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All those community service officers and personnel who are sworn are required to build and maintain an image of the professional department that is consistent with the expectations of the public. The personnel will also possess, wear, and maintain the required uniform and the staff that is non-uniformed and professional are required to dress in accordance the rules of the department. The staffs have to establish standards of attire that give a reflection of the professional image of the department. The standards also have to give accommodation to several job functions ("Dunlop, Robert Alastair, (born 30 June 1951), QC (Scot. There are also considerations for needs, diversity, preferences, and abilities of the individual employees. Training is done to the employees to ensure that they are prepared properly to assume their various responsibilities and duties.

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Training is done continuously to accommodate the need of the department also meet the employees’ concerns and interests for self-improvement. Employees are encouraged to go for further education at institutions that are accredited, and the department does recognize such efforts to encourage them. The Career Path Planning encourages individuals to get information that makes them come up with goals and also take action to achieve the goals. The department strives to officially honor and recognize individuals who have performed outstanding acts, and they deserve recognition. The recognition is usually in the form of departmental commendations and awards which is approved by particular set criteria. Awards are only made when the commendable act meets or surpasses the criteria of the award category.

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Acts that only meet the criteria that are established marginally are in most cases reduced to another award level that is low. This policy is needed to maintain the integrity of the award program and to make sure that it is only those who truly qualify for the award should receive it. Within the management services, there is a centralized forms control function that is established. The director for fiscal services command needs to designate a committee that takes the responsibility of modification, approval, printing, and consolidation of forms that are used by the sheriff department. Employees are not allowed to create forms to be used for official purposes without getting the approval of the forms committee. The department is supposed to come up with citizen volunteers for enhancement and expansion of the services of law enforcement to the citizens.

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Commanders and managers take the responsibility of ensuring that maximum benefits are attained from the application of volunteers by the policies of the county. Vehicles should be given to individuals to ensure an efficient and effective response to enforcement of the law within the county, and those assigned shall be the ones responsible for proper use and maintenance of the vehicle ("Stewart, Nikola Caroline). The personnel of the sheriff department needs to quickly document any collision that involves vehicles of the county. The drivers must use and ensure safety by using the available seat belt before starting the vehicle. The vehicles of the county operated by personnel from the sheriff department, are supposed to be refueled at the fuel locations of the county unless there are unavoidable circumstances.

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