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The beating was so severe that even his wife took a restraining order against him. After being released, the client returns back to his parents’ where he begins rebuilding his life as an English teacher. However, during the process, he still seems to struggle with a mental disorder. First, he is delusional; he believes that his ex-wife still loves him and would want to reconcile despite having cheated on him. Moreover, on several occasions, the client experiences outbursts which sometimes end up with physical destruction of property and performing acts that inconvenience others such as waking his parents in the middle of the night for petty things. Also, there is too much gesturing, theatricality and amusing irrelevancies. Pat displays this symptom on several occasions. In one episode, he walks into his parents’ room after throwing a book that Nikki had been using to teach the window and randomly talks to his parents on why he disagrees with the book despite the topic not being of interest to them.

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They have challenges interrupting him until he leaves the room. During the speech, Pat repeatedly moves from end to end with excessive hand gestures. In addition, the severity of his condition before hospitalization is portrayed when he tries to approach a former workmate whereby she tries as much as possible to avoid any conversation with Pat. Episodes not due to drugs (D) Before hospitalization, Pat was not abusing any drugs apart from occasional drinking which is evident when he is being driven to the Philadelphia Eagle’s game by his father who requests him not to drink too much. Moreover, despite engaging in a fight with some racist men at the game, the episode was not as a result of alcohol but rather an act of defending his brother who was being beaten up.

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How well does the character’s portrayal fit the diagnostic criteria? From the above description of the various instances where Pat exhibited a number of episodes, the portrayal of his character perfectly fits that of a person suffering from bipolar 1. Possible Treatments Considering that Pat exhibits manic episodes Goodwin et al. Majority of patients diagnosed with bipolar would normally recover within a year while mood episodes would have a median duration of 13 weeks. However, higher cumulative morbidity and a severe start of the mood episodes tend to increase the recovery duration (Solomon et al. Does the film accurately portray the mental illness? Yes, from the numerous examples mentioned above it is clear that the major bipolar symptoms discussed above ave been accurately portrayed and their level. Tiffany Maxwell Client’s Background information Tiffany is a young woman probably aged between 25 and 35 living in her parent’s garage.

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She is widowed and depressed. How well does the character’s portrayal fit the diagnostic criteria? Changing Behavior and Moods In one episode, Pat tells her that Tommy, her dead husband, is dead and she burst into tears then falls into his shoulders. Within a second, she angrily pulls back, slaps Pat then walks away. Self-Image In one episode, Tiffany perceives her promiscuous side as good despite acknowledging that it is dirty. She says, “There’s always gonna be a part of me that’s sloppy and dirty. But I like that!” In addition, she wants to compete in a dance competition where there are professionals regardless of the outcome and her ability to effectively compete. Patrizio Solitano, Sr. Client’s Background information Patrizio Sr. is an elderly man with a wife and two middle-aged sons.

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He loves football and a die-hard supporter of the Philadelphia Eagles to a point of being banned from their stadium after beating up supporters of the competing teams. Patrizio Sr. In another episode, he is angry that Pat took one of his empty envelopes and claims that he counts them despite being numerous. It is also revealed that he records every game played by the Eagles and chronologically orders them when Pat Jr. is searching for his wedding tape which drives his father crazy to a point of repeatedly hitting his son despite him being weaker. On anxiety, Pat Sr. holds an Eagles’ handkerchief whenever they are playing since he worries a lot which makes him sweat. Does the film accurately portray the mental illness? Yes, from the numerous examples mentioned above it is clear that the OCD and GAD have been accurately portrayed.

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