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Sam was his former high school girlfriend, while Lindsay is a college professor in a university in Boston, Bobbi is a woman from Los Angeles, and finally, Tyler is her Chicago fling. Of all these girls the man decided to settle with Bobbi, her woman from Los Angeles. Labute is a true definition of how men relationship with women. Having settled with Bobbi, there is something he had seen from her. In this play, the author brings out motives and moral bankruptcy of a womanizing male. He was not certain if they would talk to him but they ended up talking to him. While meeting, he tries to act as if he wants to revenge tit he ladies. However, despite hurting the girls, at the last scenes of the play, the guy is seen to be exposing his lowlife in regards to feelings for women Character analysis As I had indicated earlier on, in this paper, it will focus on the character of Bobbi who came to be married by the "Guy.

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" The guy meets with Bobbi in a room in the restaurant with a different bedspread compared to the other women. They meet with the “guy” while he was bathing. She remembers what the guy might have felt if she didn’t come without even recognizing they had not talked for quite a long time now. The character is brought out to be the real character in the play. She comes out as real as any girl would react to a guy. At their fits meeting, she calls the guy a stranger. This is after them not meeting for a long time. Bobbi character is equivalent to her beauty, and she does not deserve what the guy gave her. At some point, she brings out a crisis in their conversation.

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