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In the case of alcoholism, an individual becomes addicted to its use to an extent that the normal body functioning is impaired and one loses direction in life (Zlotnick, 99). Alcohol use disorder falls under the substance use disorders and affects the lives of many people in the society who have an addiction to alcohol. In the case of alcohol use disorder, one should understand that alcohol is a form of brain depressant. The disorder has become common and affects 12. 4% of adult men and 4. Homer Simpson is my mock client and fits in the position because he is addicted to alcoholism and despite his efforts to change and live without drinking, he does not succeed. Also, Homer shows his willingness to stop taking alcohol but he fails in many instances.

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He sees other people stuck in alcoholism worse than he is but at the end of it all, he has to fight for a better life which he does not achieve for as long as he remains an alcoholic. Simpson becomes a good client in analyzing the alcohol abuse disorder which falls under the many categories of substance abuse disorder. General disorder The substance abuse disorder has affected the lives of many people and made them dependent on their families and friends since impairment affects their normal body functioning. When one goes through a chaotic life and a stressful lifestyle, there is a high probability that he or she will develop the disorder and it may affect them for the rest of their lives.

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In addition to addiction, stress and mental challenges, as well as environmental stress, may result in the development of the substance abuse disorder. Symptoms There are many symptoms of the disorder and mostly the already affected individuals will exhibit two of the following symptoms; • Higher amounts of alcohol consumption which goes beyond what one had planned • Being worried about stopping the addiction and the many failed trials to stop • One spends a lot of time in using the drugs or alcohol • Irresponsibility and inability to handle various activities at home, school or at work • Craving for the substance or alcohol • Continued use of the substances despite having developed health issues and the negative effects the behavior has on relationships and in a person's life • Repeatedly using a substance even in dangerous situations.

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For example, using substances when obliged with handling heavy machines • Giving up many activities in one's life or foregoing everything in life because it does not matter. • Tolerating drug abuse or alcoholism • Having an experience of the withdrawal symptoms when one tries to stop using the drugs. For example, the environment in which he performs his daily operations gives him an opportunity to easily access alcohol and take more than even planned. Taking a trip around the Duff Brewery, Simpson has enough time to have an experience of the liquor which the company manufactures and this makes it hard for him to resist. He also seems to enjoy the beer from the company and recognizes it to the public through different commercials (Grant, 758).

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Also, peer pressure leads Simpson into becoming an addict and later develop the disorder. For example, he drinks with his friend Barney and later finds himself in the hands of the police officers. He seems not concerned for as long as he has enough to drink. When things get out of his way, he is forced to attend the AA meetings where he learns that there is the need to make changes in his life but it remains a hard task for him. Assessment I assessed the client through his character traits as presented in the film. The way in which he handled his life and relationships and the issue of alcoholism portrayed his different traits. The character traits indicate his addiction to alcohol and the presence of the alcohol abuse disorder.

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