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Although a specific evaluation and education studies have varying Goals, steps, and reporting formats on which the Conclusion is assessed with the same validity criteria. The main process of analyzing and evaluating research involves four steps which include; 1. Identifying the Research question 2. The research Design concerning the research question. Do they match 3. The validity of the research method After evaluating the type of research question that the research addresses this chapter will examine if the research Design matches the research question. Validity of the research is determined by the matching of the research question and the study design. Each type of research question has a different study design. For instance, descriptive research requires descriptive research design, on the other hand, casual research question needs experimental research design.

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In consideration to our study of interest on which research question is casual therefore the best research Design that matches it is the experimental method. Always the validity of research is influenced by the following four factors; the participants, data collection, the treatment, and data analysis. The research must describe the participants in the study and their properties. In our research of interest, the main participants are teachers and students. The teachers involve in the study were from high schools located in urban areas. Taking an instance of Kennedy High school where the school was facing low levels of achievement in algebra. In this research teachers, classroom practices and student achievement are the common dependent variables. In all educational research, these are the common dependent variables.

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Data are students' scores and classroom observations. The data collection of this research influences the conclusion and the study validity in general. Therefore, data collection methods and instruments used are very vital. According to the research study, it concludes that professional development deepens teachers' knowledge content and a way to deliver it to students (Darling-Hammond,). Research also supports professional development that is collaborative and collegial. On the other hand, the study does not support professional development that is episodic and fragmented. The only rival explanation is that the researcher does not address the socio-economic of the participants. To rule out the rival explanation, the researcher should describe the traits of the students and the teachers and show how these comparison categories vary or relate.

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