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A teaching philosophy can still point to and tie together the other sections of one’s portfolio. Examples of grand philosophy statements are course topics, assessments, and strategies drawn from actual courses, assignments, and curriculum. Teaching is a job that is involving and at times a teacher can get tired and become weary. An instructor may feel overworked and lose psych, interest and focus on continuing with the job (Schonwetter, sokal, et al 2002). Therefore, it is essential for each instructor to have a teaching philosophy, this will assist one to remain focused even during the challenging days. Marzano research lists strategies and gives teachers and administrators the required essential tools that assist instructors to become more successful and productive. Also, he came up with an evaluation tool to measure the success of highly effective teachers.

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According to Marzano research, effective teachers and instructors set goals and have objectives to meet by the end of a certain period, always provide feedback and more so positive ones on the progress of students (Marzano & Kendall, 2006). Good teachers maintain a healthy relationship with their students, adhere and follow classroom rules and communicate high expectations. Marzano research also says that the use of games and physical activities are necessary for effective teaching. On the learning-centered approach, where the student plays an active role in the learning process. Students can read different materials and also learn from others, but also the teacher is always available to facilitate this process. Also, bloom taxonomy is one most known theories in the field of education.

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