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How one handles situations, both good and bad, shows how dependable that person is. Therefore, it is imperative to impart social-emotional values in classroom and equip the learners to be better individuals later in life. With the assistance of educators, teachers and counsellors, the second step SEL is putting a strong background and foundation for production of a new species of emotionally and socially savvy individuals. The students are exposed to solve problems today on playground but tomorrow they will be in positions requiring them to manage intense conflicts in their workplaces as well as in their own life. There are several ways in which teaching second step can be integrated in the normal learning. The teachers should inspire the learners to have an attitude of gratitude.

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It has been shown that when one has an attitude of being thankful improves not just their mental health but it also builds resilience, boosts self-esteem, improves their physical health and reduces their stress levels. There are many ways in which a teacher can inspire this attitude of thankfulness in the classroom. For example, the students can be given a chance to express to others one thing they dearly appreciate during a classroom meeting, they can also be asked to write thank you notes and share with their classmates or the students can be given gratitude journals to be used for their personal reflection. Another way in which social emotional learning can be integrated in classrooms is by encouraging switching of seating arrangement.

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The counsellors and the teachers need to work together in the course of planning the data-informed interventions of SEL for the students who need the intervention. The schools have a choice of leveraging the individual staff or teams in the conducting or planning of the sessions as schoolwide and involving all the staff members. Based on the frequency and speed of the measurement cycle, the planning can take place every semester, or even per year. Each school has an opportunity to come up with planning process which is suitable to its culture, students and staff. There are several competencies which the teachers should be concerned about if they want to monitor the development of the students socially and emotionally. The implication of this to the schools is that the learning environments should be supportive, more successful and safe for the learners (Daunic et al 48).

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