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I will use international, national, state and local resources to achieve this. Together with my attitudes of developing a positive relationship with my students, I will be able to achieve more. I will demonstrate interest, compassion, and care to my students to show them what they understood. Before that, I will explain some of the techniques I will adopt in my teaching scenarios such as student learning, effective use of lesson plans, use of national and state resources and technology implementation which are key in any classroom setting. Through them, I will explain how effective it can be to teach students with the necessary tools. Effective Lesson Plans Leeson's plans are key to any educational setting. Clay Bedford once said, “you can teach a student a lesson for a day, but if you can teach him to learn by creating curiosity, he will continue the learning process as long as he lives” (Bedford, 2018).

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I will always ensure I create curiosity whenever I am teaching my students. However, to achieve this, I need an effective lesson plan. My lesson plan will always start with the end in mind. Technology Implementation With the advancement in technology available globally, there is a need for using it as a tool for teaching students. In my teaching, I will ensure my students have the latest technology with them going forward. I will ensure my students use the online sources and exams for them to get satisfies and work with the online classes. Having practiced using online tools, I will be able to implement this with my students while integrating technology into my teaching. Through technology, I can be able to make school be fun where my students will always be waking up in the morning and want to go to school as it is fun for them.

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