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Edgar Allan Poe is one of the renewed writer for his numerous work due to the way he presents his ideas. The story the Black Cat is a perfect example of his work and conclusively demonstrates the style of writing and narration that Allan prefers something that sets him apart from other writers of his time. Summary of the Story The Black Cat by Edgar Allan Poe is a story told in the first person by a condemned man. He is a murderer who is responsible for killing and walling up his wife’s body in a wall since she tried to stop him from killing a cat that he considered annuitant to his life (Poe and John). The actions of the narrator and even the starting paragraph of the story indicate that he might be a madman as a well and yet comments that the reader may not believe what is about to be narrated by him.

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It occurred to the narrator that someone had seen the house burning, and threw the cat into the bedroom to wake up the narrator and save him and his family from perishing in the fire. This made the narrator regret his actions of hanging the cat. Later he collects another cat that is one-eyed in the neighborhood (Poe and John). Although it reminds him a lot about his black cat, this one was as black as the previous one only that it had a white patch around its throat. Later, the white path started turning black, and it occurred to the narrator that he indeed had his black cat. The first instance starts with him trying to grab Pluto while drunk (Lombarid: Howard 297-301).

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Obviously, his intentions could not be argued to be the best, especially towards the cat. The result of this action is the nasty bite that he receives from the animal prompting his to remove one of its eyes. This is accompanied by massive hatred and irritation which leading the narrator to hang the cat. The results of these were the burning of his house. The results were him trying to kill Pluto and am made to believe that he attempted the killings while still intoxicated with alcohol. Due to his evil actions, a certain level of guilt started manifesting in his life. He felt terrible for doing all the harm he had done to Pluto (“The Black Cat Analysis”). His guilt developed to irritation whenever he saw the Pluto prompting him to want to kill it something that he tries twice all end up in disasters.

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