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We live in a society that everyone minds his own business and it promotes for meeting own ends, if we are to survive in this society, we need to start sacrificing for the common good by working together. Our schools are diverse and everyone has their own will and understanding of the common good, hence it calls for consideration of the common good in every decision made in the learning institutions and the society as a whole. In education and the common good, Philip Phenix has outline two different types of democracy, the democracy of worth and the democracy of desire (Knapp and Carter, 2007). The democracy of worth revolves around devotion to the right, good, excellent and the truth, while, the democracy of desire is characterized by autonomy and by independence.

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Promoting the ideals of the common good in schools Schools and the communities they serve have the chance to work together out of love and sacrifice. Sports serve the common good of the society by reducing the number of idle individuals in the society (Knapp and Carter, 2007). When a student is not good in class work, if he/she uses sports as a source of income, s/he doesn't have to be a criminal hence the society is safe and thus promotes the common good ideal. School institution in the past has been expensive to attend and that very few students could attend. The institutions have reduced the tuition fees with the help of various governments in order to ensure that more students acquire the education for the common good of the society.

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Currently in most of the countries education has been made compulsory to everyone so as to reduce ignorance in the society, and also to ensure the citizens cope up with the emerging issues in the society. e. the students in various institutions, the decisions made that will affect them as human beings and not as mere commodities. This factor will ensure that both the common good of the school and self-interests are met because the decisions made will have to include everyone without raising others. The dignity of the human person will ensure that education systems formed are open everyone promoting equal opportunity, the students will have a promise of better jobs after school, and there will be fair rewards to the performance of the students in the schools.

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If the importance of the common good is discussed in the institutions, the end results will include even the self-interest of the individuals (Knapp and Carter, 2007). This brings division among our selves and doesn't sound fruitful. Some of the issues that we currently face are the curriculum was in institutions, where every institution tries to satisfy the needs of the society as well as meeting the self-interest of individuals. The common good action in one institution tends not to function in the other institution. we also face constitutional wars among countries, this tends to favor the individuals of a certain country over the rest. We ought to learn how to live with people, to find out what really matters as we relate with the rest, how to communicate to the rest of the people around us, how to make decisions that affect others and also know the people around us among other factors.

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