The dangers of hacking in today's society

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Hackers have found a way of cracking into information and systems belonging to several people. There are a lot of motivations and issues that prompts people to engage in hacking. Money is one of the motivating factors behind hacking. According to Bruce Schneiser (2018), there is drastic change in the field of information technology and the dangers are getting quite worse with time. Several issues have emerged in electronic commerce, online shopping, online banking, email, software development, data safety and bank data entry. They often get unauthorized access to your PC and change, destroy and change information without your knowledge for their own good. Further they might install malicious malware into your computer without you knowing (Beale et. all 161). There are several dangers posed by hacking in today’s society including stealing bank accounts, risking private information, and causing cyber-terrorism.

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The victims of computer hacking are always connected to internet thus making their computers to be susceptible to threats from online predators. Hackers might get your information entered in a public computer or from an unsecured website and take it for their job or role of getting to know more about your data in banks. They will use the information for their own gain and at your expense. The information obtained by the hackers can be used to open your credit cards or it can be used to take out loans in your behalf. The social security number, name, birthday and address enable the online predator to get credit and apply loans in your name. Further, the information can be used to intercept your tax refund.

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Several other digital sources in a company include PDAs, mobile phones, digital cameras, digital recorders, audio players which may have useful data. Hackers can use these sources to request your information or get your data for malicious use. They can use your new account credit cards and personal identification cards and make purchases on your behalf thus ruining your credit rating. If your PINs and account information get into the hands of online predators, they can pose serious problems including unauthorized transactions being conducted, empting of bank accounts and unauthorized access of loans acquired without your consent. Cyber criminals always request emails or ask individuals to verify certain information through emails or bogus websites. An increased technology crime in companies increases the rate of cyber terrorism.

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There is an interrelationship between homeland security and global technology in cyber terrorism. Global technology and cybercrimes are associated with many risks and hazards in the organization. The world today has advanced to acquire all manner of information by means of computers. This data obtained can be directed to a variety of activities, and cyber-crimes could be a possible endeavour. html. Dr. Richard Forno, University of Maryland Baltimore County. Contact: richard. forno@umbc. com/en/signal/the-most-dangerous-hackers-today https://www. npr. org/sections/alltechconsidered/2012/04/05/150099660/when-online-hacking-poses-real-world-dangers https://www. technologyreview. com/s/609641/six-cyber-threats-to-really-worry-about-in-2018/ https://www. Measurement of security dangers in university network.  International Journal of Computer Applications 155. White, Gregory B. Eric A. Fisch, and Udo W.

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