The Differences and Similarities between the Iliad and Troy

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Firstly, the names and locations of the characters are similar in the film, and the poem is identical. Secondly, the Iliad and the Troy both share the theme of Kleos which is generally characterized by the use of heroic battle to acquire glory. It’s clearly outlined through Achilles in both the film and the story (Netflix 1; Edwards 1). Cultural expectations in both Iliad and Troy based on burial rites make another similarity (Netflix 1; Edwards 1). When Achilles conquers and kills Hector in the battle, he ties his body to the chariot, and to Priam horror which was, proceeds up to the outskirts of Troy, mutilating and dragging the corpse. The troy emphasizes human interactions, romantic relationships and character development such as when Achilles fights through his army.

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