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Women rights were suppressed in early Mesopotamia as the Epic of Gilgamesh depicts. The Sumerian Culture women were perceived as sex objects, had a low-societal ranking, and regard was granted to them if only they were goddesses. Although the society viewed women as a weaker gender, ladies were temptresses, tamers and vital persons in the Mesopotamia culture. In the Epic of Gilgamesh, women can be perceived as heroes as driving forces that changed the world from civilization to the present universe of development. This paper discusses the connection between the Epic of Gilgamesh and the role of women in society. A few people viewed a few ladies as savvy, so those individuals considered them. For example, in the Epic of Gilgamesh, "Gilgamesh, the Lord of Uruk, had a secret dream and got up to instruct it to his mom Ninsun, who was cherished and scholarly, with the end goal for her to decipher it.

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"(Sandars 66). By advising his fantasy to his mom for elucidation, Gilgamesh did demonstrate that his mom was intelligent as well as the regard he had for his mom. Some other individuals even tuned in to their significant other when they conversed with them like when "Urshanabi, the god Ea's protégé, tuned in to his better half prompt and uncovered a mystery plant to Gilgamesh with the end goal for Gilgamesh to get back his lost youth. In the wake of being rejected by the lord of Uruk, Ishtar sends the Bull of Paradise to murder Gilgamesh, which demonstrated the benefit and the power she had as the girl of the dad of divine beings, Anu. Be that as it may, Gilgamesh and Enkidu murdered the Bull of Paradise.

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In any case, that occasion led to the discipline to death of Enkidu. " (Sandars 86-89). These clarified how ladies assumed essential jobs in the narrative of Gilgamesh by appearing amazing they were. " (Sandars 67). Likewise, not every one of the men saw ladies as sex object since certain men battle for ladies pride. For instance, Enkidu and Gilgamesh battled because Gilgamesh needed to assault a lady, and Enkidu was against it. (Sandars 69) In spite of the negative suspicion about ladies being sex objects or not being regarded, they contributed as savvy, respected, and incredible individuals from the Antiquated Sumerian culture. Sex makes men vulnerable, and this is depicted in the story when women utilized sex as a device of luring men's attention and modelling them into persons thy desire.

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