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Most designers nowadays are extended with their focus into the future and the influence that future images present. As every year ends, designers always have bigger dreams that they might finally achieve in the next year. Designing requires new reflection and being optimistic still and industrial design is always dependent on quantitative concepts and facts (Ottman, 2017 p. Both product and industrial designs have separated from sciences and engineering. Sometimes back, designers were some random artists who sketched or drew concepts and shapes as they also kept track of prevailing trends in the market. Bauhaus was the primary school to offer graphic design in Germany, way back in 1919 (Bestley and Noble, 2016 p. Art Nouveau Art Nouveau was the only bridge that connected the classical art and modern graphic design, making it the industrial revolution of graphic design.

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In this art movement, designers used elegant curves, typography, and vine-like lines (Ottman, 2017 p. However, digital displays do not need complex designs, making Art Nouveau to be an outdated design concept. Although, digital displays might need the flourishes and soft colors that the old techniques can provide. A. , 2016 p. The idea behind this design was the creation of elegance to indicate sophistication and wealth. The picture below is of an Art Deco print: Picture 3: Art Deco Print Swiss Style The Swiss Style is also known as the global typographic style, and designers started using it in the 1950s (Keyte, B. and Locher, D. These organizations generate an appeal by analyzing trends in the industry. An example is the Apple trademark, an idea that originated from Art Nouveau and developed into a unique and innovative logo.

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The picture below represents a digital era design: Picture 5: Digital Era The Future Pathway Digital transformation and the development of technology have heavily influenced graphic design since no one knew what the internet and computers would have done. Digital revolution has made a lot of changes in how people socialize, work, and communicate. As a result, modern graphic design is becoming more immersive and intuitive than before. Global organizations have realized that designs help them to be different from others in the digital landscape by the use of future pathway images and logos. The picture below shows the future pathway in design: Picture 6: Future Pathway design Designers who see and think ahead of others are now embracing and developing content marketing by use of new skills so that designing can be better than before.

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Some years back, media designing for organizations involved effectively explaining the activities of the business. Today, there are several concepts and skills that extended designers have included in the field. Nowadays, buyer behavior and psychology are now playing an integral part in the design. Since technology is accessible everywhere, it is easy to ensure the accessibility of creativity, access trends, and act to make changes that accommodate such trends and dynamics. For instance, some innovative elements and items were among the best in 2016, but by 2017 they become obsolete (Dabner, Stewart, and Vickress, 2017 p. Something might inspire people today, and by tomorrow it is useless or old news. Most designers have realized that modern customers are becoming busier and busier and they need companies that match with their personality and they might need the most straightforward graphics.

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Some years back, ambitious organizations which were planning to become influential and make it in the market would make bold, complicated, and large logo designs and. Graphic design will never be complicated because it needs to have a meaning and stand out by creating an impact. Dynamic advertising is also motivating designers to find a way of being flexible because the buying behavior of consumers is continually affecting the use of ads by businesses (Meggs, and Purvis, 2016 p. The method of dynamic advertising shows how companies use data in personalizing the journey of customer outreach. Therefore, graphic designers who see ahead have started creating imagery to use in their banner or email segment ads. Every designer knows very well that this might not be the case tomorrow due to the dynamic feature of the design market.

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