The Influence of Social Media Marketing on Brand equity and Consumer response in Hong Kong

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To evaluate the impact and benefit of social media marketing. The contribution of social media marketing on brand equity in recent year The use of networking and social media platforms have been largely increased in recent decade. People with different background, or countries become more active in using social networks, they share their life, upload photos, footages on the social media platform, also get the latest information from the media online. Plus, the cost of internet access are easier and more affordable than the years before, people can use their smartphones or computers to access any fields of news without the district limitation. It shown the influence of social media marketing are getting stronger with the increase of internet use. Finally, emotional tie to the firm are developed by strong sense of brand loyalty.

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Brand equity can be defined broadly, kinds of field are included when it influences brand awareness and image, also consumer awareness and choice. (Rust, Lemon, and Zeithaml, 2001) 4. 2 Interaction Social Media interaction is the action that sharing information and exchange aspects of opinions. It is essential on creating positive relationship between customer and the firm, while benefited on building brand loyalty. By actively respond and post unique contents on social media platforms are critical in promoting interaction, when the closer relationship with customer are builded, the greater reliability and trustworthiness are created, and lead to better brand equity. 3 Word of Mouth Social media are always linked with the eWOM. Consumer share their opinions of the brands and have interactions online. Based on the research shown, eWOM appeared a relatively high relevance and credibility for consumer than the online sources created by the marketer.

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(Gruen, Osmonbekov, & Czaplewski, 2006) Social media is an effective way for marketers to enhance the brand equity by building up positive eWOM. The opinion exchanging are more common on social media platforms. People are easier than the years before to forward the messages, photos through smartphone devices. It facilitates the flow of information given by the firm, generate more favorable contents and effectively deliver to the targeted customer. With widely spread by customer, the brand awareness can be raised and relatively easy to build up positive brand image. 4 Customization The level of customization describes the level of a service is special customized so as to suit and satisfied individual’s preferences. DonthuBrand equity, brand preference, and purchase intent Journal of Advertising, 24 (3) (1995), pp.

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