The Jodi Huisentruit Disappearance

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Jodi was such a sensation and her case brought about more emotions from the people to an extent that she got a day dedicated to her and other victims of unsolved cases on the 25th of June 2005. Early life Jodi Huisentruit was born in Long Prairie Minnesota to Maurice Nicholas Huisentruit and Imogene L. Huisentruit. She was exceptionally good at golf to a point that she and her teammates won at a state’s championship together when she was in high school. After graduating high school she joined St Cloud State University where she studied Mass Communication and Speech Communication graduating in the year 1990 with a bachelor’s degree. What looked like the contents of her back were strewn all over the front of the apartments.

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This was immediately taken as a crime scene as her makeup, her red shoes and other stuff were all on the ground as if there had been a struggle. Several witnesses that were her neighbours claimed that they heard commotion and noises around the time that led to the disappearance. One noted that they saw a white van with its lights on just outside in the early hours of the day. All these were taken in as evidence concerning the disappearance of Jodi (Reid & Amman 622-644). There have been various theories regarding the disappearance of Jodi. The police were looking at the case of an abduction. The fact that there was evidence of a disagreement and what seemed like a struggle between Jodi and her abductor fueled their suspicion.

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At first, it was considered that the abduction was by a person that was close to her. Her boss and John were under suspicion. Apparently, a car would trail her on separate occasions and almost run her over. On the day that Jody was abducted, the 27th of June 1995, the witness reported a string of events that took place. First, she had been trailed by a car which at that time and on a four-way stop junction didn’t have its lights on. She ran for a couple of miles and lost it. Then on her way past the Keys Apartments she encountered a car that sped off with its lights blaring and almost hit her. Jodi’s disappearance could have been prevented if the jogger reported the stalker in a car on the second attempt to run her over.

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Reporting would have made sure there were certain measures put in place to ensure that the route was safe. This could have prevented the stalker from abducting Jodi. However in the case that the stalker was obsessed with Jodi and that he or she was the one that abducted her it would have helped if Jodi would have reported any instance of hate message that she viewed as dangerous. It is known that various anchors, reporters and even radio presenters not forgetting celebrities receive a lot of stalker oriented messages and mail. From the day that Jodi was abducted there haven’t been any prosecutions at all. However recently there was a warrant was filed in a court to try and investigate two cars that were believed to have been connected with the abduction and disappearance of Jodi as detailed by a certain witness in the years before.

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