The Role of GIS in Business Processes

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I agree the involvement of GIS in localization facilitates the availability of the customers’ preferred products at the right place, at the right time and price based on the proximity to target customers. Furthermore, the proximity to customers offers the business owners ability to collect reliable data they rely upon in making reasonable decisions regarding expansion of the business. I identified essential input from the revelations put up by Esri on the benefits of localization in allowing businesses to understand market dynamics. Nonetheless, localization cannot be effective based assumptions as they may not deliver appropriate figures to rely on in decision making. Therefore, the challenge faced in localization necessitates the application of technology in various aspects hence the geographical information system.

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The market research and analytical data extracted from customers' shopping behaviors are attributed to the techniques associated with GIS. Additionally, The Foursquare data came in handy in providing a visual impression of cities statistics and organization. The data obtained by the help of GIS facilitates the business understanding of the supply and demand trend in the market hence the owners get the opportunity to plan for the future in advance due to the availability of reliable data. Consumption patterns are very essential attributes within the business operations as through the analysis of the changes the business makes a significant decision upon evaluation of a product market performance. An opportunity to better the product suitability across market segments is informed by the analytic tools at the organizational disposal to learn about the consumer attitude and behavior in the market.

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