The Role of heads of schools in managing the instructional programme Journal Crique

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The main source of information for this study was the school students, teachers, senior academic masters and mistresses, and the school heads, therefore, giving the research a strong foundation and high level of trustfulness (Hallinger 2003). The research composed all the qualitative data they collected through group discussion, interviews and observations to come up with the conclusion that most of the students, teachers, head of schools and the senior heads had no idea about what instructional leadership was. The research proved that where there is no an effective management of the instructional programme in favor of promoting students’ learning and teachers’ classroom instruction the efforts associated to that effect are completely doomed (Hallinger 2003). It is clear from the survey that some schools are not involved in curriculum coordination and that’s the reason why the syllabi are not being covered in time as well as head of schools not reviewing curriculum materials as well not undertaking classroom observations, therefore, recording poor performances.

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