The Sun Rising by John Donne Analysis

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The poem was one of the best works by the poet John Donne and was published in the year 1633. It is therefore important to focus on the poetic devices in the poem. Figurative Language Figurative language is one of the important poetic devices that is used in the poem. Figurative language in poetry is associated with aspects such as hyperbole, simile, onomatopoeia, idioms, metaphor, and alliteration among others. In the poem “The Sun Rising” figurative language is used severally. Each of the stanzas is made up ten lines which in turn makes an unusual aubade. The length of the lines tends to be irregular along with a regular rhyme scheme. The first four lines are associated with building the argument which is sonnet like.

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The next four lines of each stanza tend to consolidate while the others conclude. Another important aspect about the structure of the poem is based on the meter which tends to form an uncertain rhythm. The poem uses the sun as the major figure all along. The sun is depicted as unruly as it fails to stick to the rule of the lovers. The inconsistency of the sun is illustrated by the poem when he would avoid seeing the sun by just closing his eyes. However when he closes his eyes then he would lose sight of his wife. Using the sun is thus an element of imagery of the actual situation of the environment of the poet. It is therefore evident the poetic devices are important components of poems.

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