The theme of morality in A Lesson Before Dying

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In this novel, the way that interpersonal relations lead to people behaving morally to others is explored by Gaines. According to Gaines, “interpersonal connections usually begin from the family. ” Both of Jefferson and Grant are affected by the failure of those that do not value their moral relationship with others. This is due to the fact that both of them are abandoned by their parents and they ended up benefiting from those that value the existence of such bonds. In this case, Grant is taken and brought up by his Aunt by name Tante Lou. I want to help those people as much as I can” (129). From the above quote, the importance of having a good relationship with people is demonstrated.

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No one knows when he or she will come to need the help of others. Grand and Jefferson never knew that they may come and need their relatives at any time. It is because of their good relationship that their relatives could come and rescue them after being left by their parents. At this moment, Jefferson was in a situation where he needs help from Wiggins but Wings had a negative attitude towards him. He was not ready to help him despite being aware of the challenges that he was going through. Jefferson’s mother requested him to do some teaching to him but due to this negative attitude, he was not ready to help him. This demonstrates how some members of the society lack morals.

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It demonstrates how some members of the society are not able to help others even when they are in challenging situations. I want to help those people as much as I can” (105). This was Jefferson’s grandmother as he was trying to urge him to maintain his good relationship with Grant. This came at a time when there was a conflict between grant and Jefferson. Mrs. Emma hand tried a number of times to solve the difference between the two of them but it became extremely had in convincing Jefferson to leave beside the differences and support the good relationship that existed between the two of them. Quickly after Jefferson separated in tears with Miss Emma, Grant came to comprehend the connection between feeling, profound quality, and association.

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