Trade Unions in India

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In this research proposal am going to discuss the trade union situation in India , the history of trade Unions ,Laws governing trade unions ,highlight requirements of setting up a trade Union , Individuals who are allowed to set up trade Unions, functions of trade Unions , Issues facing Trade Unions, and how one can solve issues facing trade unions. I will use both primary and secondary data to meet research objectives. Questionnaires will be provided among local workers and all other union players to assist me in achieving the research objectives. Ethnographic description Introduction A trade Union is set up to protect the workers (Fletcher) interest in the work place. The organization is usually set up to achieve some common purpose,for example, some advocate for pay for its members.

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This regulation act established strict laws which were used by the British to control the workers ("Labour Law and the Trade Unions: Autonomy and Betrayal,"2009). The rules were heavily unfair towards the native Indianworkers. As at the start of the 1st World War, the textile mills workers faced more work which did not lead necessarily improved pay. Infact, the working conditions became worse, and salaries did not improve. These led to agitated workers creating unions to fight for their rights. The employment terms, i. e. , working hours, productivity goals, and employment termination terms are all managed by government and state agencies. The Industrial Dispute Act, 1947 was set up assist in managing employment activities ("Labour Law and the Trade Unions: Autonomy and Betrayal").

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Its primary duty is to provide guidelines on how to control industrial disputes — the labor regulation act of 1970, aims at regulating employment contracts to put it at per with the labor market needs (Vasilev). Trade Unions in India are exempt from any form of legal punishment as long the action tries to achieve the union objectives. To form trade members, members must first apply to the register of trade unions. Upon registration, a trade union must agree upon rules to be followed by its members. According to Union rules, a copy of organization rules a copy of the regulations must be attached on the registration application. Trade Unions in India play a significant role in Indian society. The election is held once in three years.

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The election can be held before the t election as long as the Union members’ desire. Finally, the initial function of trade unions was for collective bargaining, but over time the unions have evolved to perform other other roles. Apart from trying to better the condition of its employees, the trade unions also play a vital part in improving employee welfare. They provide a platform to help improve industrial relations and enhance productivity as well. The secondary data will enable me better my knowledge about the scenario of local unions in India. Theinformation gathered from the interviews will play a key role in availing information about the state of unions in India. Primary data will be collected in two ways. For starters, a questionnaire will be given to players in the Trade unions.

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