Wal-mart recruitment and selection practices

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At the same time, Walmart uses retail industry-specific criteria in its process of selection. As such, to ensure that there is optimization in employee retention, Walmart human resource strategy consist of a continually changing program of compensation, career development and a thorough employee-relations management. Again, Walmart human resource management uses a combination of other strategies and approaches to address the business needs of the organization with respect to overall recruitment and selection. Therefore, the management team at Walmart maintains adequate human resources to support the firm planned future expansion program and current operations. Additionally, Walmart applies various means and techniques in internal and external recruitment of associates who are designed to fulfill various positions. Such roles encompass; warmly greeting customers, answering customers’ queries such as policies concerning Further, the responsibility include products and services, price-checking items, locating products within the store, organization of store shelves and displays (Epstein, 2018).

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The listed roles require best in class customer service skills, interpersonal skills, and ideal communication skills with the customers which is linked to the behavioral aspect of the associate. However, there are also dangers in hiring the wrong person for the open associate position. Some of the main dangers are lost productivity and financial costs to the company. As such, wrong hires for the job, drain the resources of the company. This is because the organization culture of everyday low prices is only realized when the associates hired are able to interact amicably with the customers. This can also be realized when they communicate promptly, answering queries of customers, and with the satisfied customers the company will attain more sales. In conclusion, the success of Walmart in a highly competitive global retail environment is attributed to the robust and highly flexible and adaptive recruitment and selection strategies it employs for the various positions.

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