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Preview: Hi, Pleasure to see you all. My name is ____________ and today I will be discussing Walter Disney narrowing down to his biography, his artistic works, and the amazing story about him. Transition Phrase I. To begin with, I will discuss his biography. This will follow a certain order of his personal details, early life, education, and career details. He is said to have been very close through-out his life with his oldest brother. During his childhood, he found pleasure in amusing himself by making cartoons and characterizing them like the Donald Duck and the Mickey Mouse. His father had much influence in the life of Disney in that he was a staunch religious fundamentalist who believed in the power of disciplining his children to shape their lives.

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His denial of his children to enjoy the childhood things like children toys might have had the influence on Disney’s passion to entertaining children in his later life. C. Having discussed his biography in details, I now discuss his creative artistic works in details. A. According to Walt Disney (2015), he made his first Cartoon series in 1923. B. In 1928, created Mickey mouse C. However, he was strong willed from his youth and this coupled with his creativeness and innovativeness saw him succeed in life (Alexander1953). C. Following the collapse of his corporation created in 1923, he never gave up due to his vast impatience and energies. D. After the collapse of the aforementioned corporation, he started doing film distribution agency that bridged him to his future success.

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