What Drives Success Rhetorical Analysis

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Regardless of this been evident in the current world, the authors put in clear that different groups come to understand this success method at different periods of history creating a difference in the level of the formula understanding; in addition, the authors describe the process of fall and rise of the human society cultural groups. According to the authors of the article, the common rise and decline of the cultural groups is the first effect of losing either one or more traits which are essential in triggering success in the first place (Chua & Jed). By the use of the common primary appeals, that is, logos, ethos and pathos, Chua and Jed perfectly establish a strong position and claim throughout the article.

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Implementation of ethos is evident even in the article’s first sentence, that is, the ethical appeal. In the authors directly highlight their stand and position as professors at the Yale School of Law and the contributors and authors of a new book, “The Triple Package” on how the three major characteristics describe the rise and fall of the cultural groups in America. Therefore the main point is clearly made; the audience isn’t required to be impressed by the argument but also this doesn’t mean that they have to avoid the truth. Still, on the emotional appeal, the authors use negative concepts such as “taboo” and “Un-American” directed away from their stand which for this case will directly lower their influence and weaken their argument (Chua & Jed).

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Clearly stated, the authors are using these concepts as their counterargument jab; the opposition team for many cases uses this section as the reasoning fallacious ad tactic popular where they only focus on the extreme negative and positive concepts like terrorism and patriotism instead of concentrating the main and real message at hand. The authors in response use highly emotional appeals to strengthen their claims and also fight against any of the opposing group points. For this study the most prevalent used among the appeals are those directly or closely related to logos in addition to countless logical appeals; the statistical observations and study evidence used to accompany each of the cultural groups mentioned in the article such as Cuban- Americans, Iranian, African, Asian in addition to religious groups such as Jews and Mormons (Chua & Jed).

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