Workplace rewards and employee performance

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Having a healthy staff comes with its share of a reputation as well as increasing the faith of your clients in your ability. One of the most valuable assets of any organization is the staff. Just like any other assets, they require to be supported, nurtured and encouraged to make them successful. The main purpose of this paper is to showcase how rewarding of employees in the workplace boosts their performance. Other objectives of the research include; to determine the role of performance appraisal and job enrichment as a factor contributing to employee motivation leading to performance, intrinsic factors and security and relationship. Concerning the external outcomes scores, for example, finances for family support and career advancement, they did not have a big range from those of intrinsic outcomes in terms of essentiality.

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A study carried out showcased that the Filipino's are more driven by the intrinsic motivators rather than extrinsic motivators. This means that tangible rewards have less weight as compared to intangible rewards such as recognition, self-satisfaction and autonomy (Cho & Perry, 2012). The intrinsic rewards often make the workers have a feeling that their work is challenging, relevant as well as interesting. Each organization always has an objective behind its running of activities, one of the main objectives being to attain certain set goals. Job insecurity may also lead to reduced performance among the employees as they lack the motivation to work. Various research carried out on performance appraisal showcases that if an employee’s work is recognised ad appraised by the management, then he or she will get the motivation to work thus improving performance.

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On the other hand, the intrinsic factors such as internal satisfaction improve the performance of an employee since their creativity is enhanced (Hidi, 2000). The intrinsic factors often influence the quality of work in most organizations. Another factor involves allowing employees to make decisions in their places of work. As well as organizations face challenges such as employee retention, high recruitment costs among others, employees’ also feel overworked as well as de-motivated. To come up with more accurate results, we researched some of the Amazon stores. The essence of the study is to find out how rewards in the workplace affect the performance of employees within an organization. Methods Participants For the study, employees having different levels of experience as well as different designations will participate in the study.

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The employees will be working in the various Amazon branches. The data collected gets stored in a table that looks like a spreadsheet. The tool also comes up with routine descriptive statistical data for responses on the questions such as the distribution of multi-choice question responses. Design The method that was utilized for the study was the use of a detailed survey by the use of questionnaires. The purpose of using the design is to be able to make a collection of information that is well detailed and describes an existent phenomenon. The development of the survey questionnaire will be based on the literature review for the study's data collection. On the other hand, better performance can always be expected if an employee gets to know that the top management appraises his or her good work.

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Nevertheless, some of the demotivating factors include excessive responsibility and workload as they often make the employees pressurized. The study also showcases the importance of the relationships with peers and superiors. A positive effect is also noted with job security since the employees will often feel safeguarded that their job is secured. Moreover, giving workers the authority to make decisions in their work section is also a good motivation tool. The limitations of my study is the lack of cooperation by some of the participants with some of them returning incomplete questionnaires. It will also prove difficult to be allowed to carry out the study in Amazon stores since their rules might not allow. Some participants may also be rude to the research team since people have different personalities as well as a way of understanding.

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On the other hand, the analytical tool also has certain limitations such as; its graphics are far from the publication quality and does not offer graphics capabilities. The tool is also expensive, and it may drain the research team financially. This study will be done in only one sector, and there are various sectors that the research can be carried out. If better outcomes are generated form all sectors of our economy, then the nation will be bound to develop. From the study, it is evident that motivation is key to employee performance and finding more efficient use of the motivational tools from the research studies will further enrich our economic sectors. References Cho, Y. J. In Intrinsic and extrinsic motivation (pp.

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