A qualitative report of teachers questioning responses and perceived influences

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mathematics, SLM, Liberal education, Inclusive education etc. and analyzed would enable the learners to gain more skills on how they should apply the gained knowledge in class to the real practice of teaching. Instances of pivotal teaching moments would help students make connections, reflect on the current knowledge and build new understandings on how they can handle teaching. Research of teachers’ instructional practice in teaching provides learners on decision making, teacher quality and transmission of results of what they have gained in class to the field of teacher education (Chin, 2006) Results from the research also would be useful for researchers in the future who do further study to improve teacher-learner questioning in the context of the acquisition of skill in teaching by students.

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The understanding then provided insight into teacher education programs and with the issues it was designed to examine the following questions: (1) what is their personal belief about the nature of teaching? (2) What is/are the role(s) of a teacher? (3) How do you perceive the concept of effective teaching? Please write down three aspects of effective teaching that you think important. Students build a coherent framework in relation to teaching concept and framing questions that help frame a problem and structure the findings. Findings The findings pertaining to frequency and questions type asked showed some similarities in the cases of the different teachers. Most of the responses from the teachers were direct and they were emphasized. Categories of the questions were slimmer and focused on a specific theme.

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I. What is your personal belief about the nature of teaching? The response given out from the twelve cases had an approach to the question which indeed had a better solution given out by the teachers. If the student-teacher adopts this, he/she would apply it to real life situation on how to handle teaching activity. Discussions The aim of this study was to examine teacher questioning and their responses to their students as a component of classroom practice application. The patterns found from the twelve case studies were not generalizable to all teachers but have a suggestive feature in classroom practice that could provide a source for a further study and a qualitative scope that could provide an evidence for effective teaching practice and application to students.

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In the study, the researcher wanted to examine the patterns in responses and integrate conceptual learning into actual practice. Valid and reliable teacher answering protocol and discourse measures need to be emphasized. Learners who are cognizant of the tendency of classroom instructional practices can plan more questions from categories which will address understanding and attack problems to solve different perspectives. These will result in a broader perspective of their learning. Limitations The readers of the study are able to judge the appropriateness of the results to other settings. It focused on twelve case studies whereby the researcher used a science education framework as a way of teacher question examination. , Eckert, T. L. , Montarello, S. A. , & Storie, M. McAninch, M. J. A qualitative study of secondary mathematics teachers' questioning, responses, and perceived influences.

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