Abortion as social justice

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The abortion is growing every year, hurting innocent unborn as well as their mother. Abortion is harmful, immoral and actions needed to be taken to reduce it. when a woman aborts an unborn child, it is not only killing her child, but she is also taking a risk to her own life and contraction of other diseases, with those of age between 15 years to 29 years having a high risk (Tatalovich, 12). This is because of women between this age, experience unwanted pregnancy. Therefore, most of them want to terminate a pregnancy in whatever means. According to the Canadian Association of Social Workers, which were established to work towards a society that is more just socially. In fact, the preamble of this association starts with the sentence; The social work profession is dedicated to the achievement of social justice for all.

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This is an ethical obligation. In supporting the expansion of women's reproductive choices, the association fights for the availability of abortion services. It also fights against the stigmatization of abortion care. There existing significant barriers that prevent women from freely accessing abortion services. This exists despite the removal of all restrictions regarding abortion. These barriers include the locational difference in the availability of abortion services, expenses in terms of time and travel. there is also the problem of misinformation, severe judgment and a shortage of abortion services. The introduction of anti-abortion legislation is also a barrier. Some of these women may then have abortions so that to avoid this reduction in economic participation capabilities. They fear becoming single mothers, which is attributed to the highest poverty rates in Canada.

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When teenagers become pregnant, their education gets affected and this lowers their chances for a decent living. It is therefore argued that abortion is an important health service that teenage girls must have access to in order to protect their futures. Feminists argue that women should have children only when they are able to satisfy their personal needs and those of their families (Marecek et. The idea that the rights of women are superior or supersede the rights of the fetuses has already been established in the courts of Canada numerous times. Many anti-abortion pills have been introduced in parliament. Most of these bills have failed to pass but still, these anti-abortion members of parliament still have their determination to make abortion a crime again.

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Most of these bills try to convince the people that it is important to recognize the rights of the fetuses and also recognizing them as human beings. Killing a fetus would then be a murder case. This a right protected in the Canada Health act and protected the constitutional law. They should be able to get this service without harassment and discrimination. It is evident that anti-abortion activists work in various sectors of our society. Even though every person in Canada has the right to freedom and opinion, the effects of anti-abortion people on women are detrimental. Abortion remains a social justice in Canada. Though the problem of unsafe abortion continues to become, the public health stream should be responsible for the health and wellbeing of the Canadians.

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The problem must be tackle from rights perspective as describes in Canada constitution to social justice, which contributes to the respect of women decisions. Therefore, public health education will achieve the best level of health and wellbeing. Social justice is the best approach for women in order to take ownership of their reproductive autonomy because it favors advancement and helps women excise their rights. Moreover, liberating abortion, it would make women have the will and choice and recognizing neutrality is not sufficient, especially to Canadian who don't have prior knowledge of safe and unsafe abortion, which over the years has led to the loss of life. In summary, the pro-choice and pro-life will remain as divisive moral and political issue familiar in a court of public due to the abortion issue, some support abortion, "pro-choice" while another condiment "pro-life" (Marecek et.

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