AUMC Cultural Diversity Analysis

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Diversity is the exploration of these differences in a fostering, safe, and positive environment. It involves understanding each other and surpassing simple tolerance to embrace and also celebrate the rich diversity dimensions, which are contained within every person. In the modern globalized world, organizations have embraced the concept of diversity. Augusta University Medical Center (AUMC) is one such organization, which is fostering diversity and inclusion. It is a world-class health facility based in Augusta, Georgia. Under content, some of the important aspects include timeliness, relevance, accuracy, and objective. The design involves appropriateness, attractiveness, text, image, sound or videos, and color. Under organization, one scrutinizes the domain, consistency, links, mapping, logo, and index. User-friendly entails attributes like usability, customization, reliability, and security.

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Since the AUMC websites meet the above criterion, then it can be said to be of quality. AUMC website has a meaningful link text, which makes the pages friendly not only to visitors but also to the search engines. Generally, a hyperlink has two components namely, the address of the page or what is commonly known as the URL, and the link text. The site's link text clearly describes what the user will see upon clicking on it. Furthermore, the links to the written materials are embedded. Usefulness Due to globalization, more and more companies are realizing the importance of valuing diversity. The information related to the concept of diversity is also useful to the patients. Foremost, they are assured of receiving compassionate and skilled care in spite of their individual differences.

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The patients also get to understand that their racial, religious, or ethnic backgrounds would not hinder them from receiving latest treatments and technologies from physicians who are most trained and highly skilled globally. Besides being useful to patients and employees, the diversity-related info is also useful to the vendors. By learning how AUMC values diversity, the vendors are assured of a diverse supplier chain, where everyone can be part of a healthy contracting process. Also, there are local, county, state, regional, national, and international awards. Moreover, there are other forms of awards that include non-profit, for-profit, unrestricted, government, and corporate awards; and awards for large, medium, and small-size workforces, marketing, supplier, recruitment as well as retention awards among others (Harvey & Allard, 2015).

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Some of the recognitions recognize diversity programs and practices that are pertinent to certain minority groups. Still, others honor diversity practices that are innovative whereas some regard diversity innovation as just a prerequisite of corporate social responsibility. The diversity awards are offered based on the performance of the organization in the previous year. , & Ozbilgin, 2015). Patients perceive AUMC as a high-performance enterprise, which is operational, clinically, financially, and experientially strong. They regard it as an institution that is committed to improving the quality and safety of medical care. Employees regard AUMC as an inclusive workplace that supports individuals from all backgrounds. Both the patients and the employees perceive AUMC as a destination of choice for healthcare, education, creativity, discovery, and innovation. Augusta University Health | World-Class Health Care.

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