Marriage and Family Gender Roles

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Work problems such as low salary and family duties such as care, both affect men and work in irrespective of their gender. Furthermore, both men and male have a mandate to balance their work life and family roles. Differences between men and women under their work and family roles Men and women differ in many ways in their today daily life family roles and also in their work. For example, they differ in their ability of care. Care comprises family roles such as children care and elderly care and their supervision in their daily activities. Most women after ending their jobs duties, they typically leave to their respective families without wasting their time to perform family duties as opposed by men who tend to hang out with your friends after leaving their job duties.

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Ways on bridging the gap between men’s and women’s work and family roles The gap between men and women in association to their family roles and work has been increasing for the previous year. However, there are ways and strategies which can be adopted to solve this critical problem. For example, equal payment of men and women policies. Women and men’s gap in their work and family roles can be bridged by practicing gender equality childcare between both men and women. Similarities and differences between expectations of men and women in the workplace Differences • Goals verse processes Men are more focused on the objectives and goals of the work while women focus more on work process. • Authority versus engagement Men solve their work developments projects internally before delivering ultimate solution while women solve business development matters externally before they present their solutions.

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• Team players versus team play Men are team oriented and play a significant role in the position of a team player during decision making while women are team play oriented and they perceive being a team player as supporting group members to acquire what they need. • Passionate versus intimacy Men tend to have passionate in work activities and work achievements despite influence from other people while women tend to have intimacy with other workers when performing work activities. Similarities • An equal amount of salary • Same qualifications standards • Both aims at high productivity • Both involve critical work decision making Venn diagram representing similarities and differences between expectations of men and women in workplace Key recommendations Work leave should be given to the new parents to provide adequate time in nursing their newborn.

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If men are not ready to assume the parental roles there is need to publicize on hat because the issue outside care may affect a child’s health both psychologically and physically. Working hours should be considered where overtime should be abolished for the parents. The idea of dormitory working system needs to be curbed for parents in order for them to spend sufficient time with the siblings. Full time workers need offs by the end of the week, thus ensuring equal parental roles and emotional support in the young ones and the old. Long working hours makes the parents very tired to play their parental roles after work and therefore the need to ensure that employers strictly follow working hour’s policy.

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