Why science is better in gaining knowledge than experience

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In assessing the provision of science, it is considered the better way of gaining knowledge than personal experience due to certain reasons. On science provision, the practicality of the issue gets established through the conducted study. Science utilizes practical work and study experiments towards trying to get the sense and what is all about a certain provision. It is different from personal experience provided that on personal experience it is all about an individual thought and happening but from science, it encompasses a wide range of experiments. It means that a wide range f information is accessed other than having a small range of data depending on what one person realizes. It makes sense that the family values provide to create unity and love towards the existence of people within the family unit.

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Interestingly, without these values, there is no united front of a family and hence lesser integration and love among the members. Also, the individual values appear to provide a sense in a person’s livelihood; the individual values provide to fulfill happiness and assurance of gaining goals and development in their livelihood, (). Interestingly that these values also help create a sense of one recognizing their personal development and that helps realize happiness within one’s livelihood. Under this instance, it creates the sense that these two aspects that are family and individual values are responsible for happiness within the scope of family and personal life. Question 4: Interesting chapter In the reading conducted on the various chapters, they all made sense and attractive towards reading the concepts explained within their different sections.

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However, chapter two to me seemed the most interesting chapter and which I found much attraction towards my reading. In Chapter two it was all about exploring relationships and families. It made sense provided by the explanation about how there are blinders of personal experience in the overall scope of information. It was interesting to learn that the induction of science creates to make more sense within the scope of learning and to establish about relationships and families. It is true under this deliberation from what we got to experience in our own lives and how we react to others or situations that occur to us. The reading is at best and delivers a well-articulated occurrence in human life and where we remain to try and prove our points based on our own experience.

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It explains a better understanding of how our family life gets provided and the beliefs we have held up to without considering that these perceptions might be wrong in a way. For example, the rich family does not imagine how a person can go a day without any meal since they have never lacked. The reading provided in chapter two gave limelight towards the need for scientific research and additional information away from one’s mind or perception of things as they see about it. According to Lamanna, et. al. 2014, the existence of different families serves as the indication that families have different setting and backgrounds away from our perceptions of being lesser or the same like our own. For example, believing that our family is the strongest and which is destined for greatness while others follow is wrong since others also have their unique states and which are best in their form.

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