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The oppositions towards same sex marriages have been a puzzle. The opposition has been high among those people who support the institution of marriage. This has been difficult to understand because the primary goals of marriage, which are love, children, and commitment, are attainable in same sex marriages. One question that has been difficult to answer revolves around why the supporters of marriage as an institution would be opposed to same sex marriages. The controversy surrounding same sex marriage can clearly be brought out by examining same sex marriage politics in Nebraska and California. Most voters claim that it contradicts with their belief systems and this is the reason they have been opposed to it (Lee, 2015). The political landscape took a new shape after the Supreme Court ruling in 2015 that states are not allowed to deny gay couple the right and formality of marriage.

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This ruling permitted same-sex couples to be given marriage licenses, which permit them to enjoy the responsibilities and privileges of marriage. Nebraskans claim that they did not expect this ruling but because it was the decision of the Supreme Court, they would comply with it. The state rushed to begin issuing marriage licenses to gays as a way of complying with the ruling (Skelton & Tysver, 2015). In 2008, the Supreme Court of California gave a ruling that favored gay marriages by striking down all the laws within the state that initially recognized marriage to be a union between man and a woman (Pew Research Center, 2007). California is one of the states that helped in raising awareness across the entire US on how gay couples and their families faced discrimination.

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Through this awareness, they showed the need for these couples to be granted the right to marry. The democrats in California blamed the Californian democrats for bringing the issue into the limelight and they were blamed for John Kerry’s presidential defeat. Newsom, who supported the granting of marriage rights in California and across the US, was pounded on national television for this bold move. In the case of California, there are various groups whose competition for power resulted in same sex marriage being discussed widely and being in and out of courts. These groups are the conservative politicians and liberal politicians. As for the conservatives, same sex marriages should not be legalized because they oppose the Christian belief system. From the liberalist perspective, legalizing same sex marriages promotes equality of citizens by protecting the rights of each person.

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Another possible explanation for the differences in how each state’s government has approached the issue of same sex marriage is religion and geography. In California, the controversies related to same sex marriages resulted in high rates of immigration because the issue was being challenged in court and gays and lesbians could have perceived that the courts will rule in their favor. The rates of immigration between 2005 and 2009 stood at 28 percent, which is quite high compared to that of Nebraska (Konnoth & Gates, 2011). Based on the Supreme Court ruling of 2015, which allows gays to be granted marriage rights, the rates of immigration in Nebraska and California are likely to rise due to no restriction with regards to the application of marriage rights.

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However, the rate is likely to be high in California, which has in the past publicized gay marriage ceremonies; thus, assuring gays that there are low levels of stigma within the state. This is not the case with Nebraska where majority are opposed to the Supreme Court ruling. However, such states should allow their citizens to move to other states to legalize their same sex marriages to prevent them from completely infringing the constitutional right of these citizens. References Dershowitz, H. L. A federal-state law inconsistency shouldn't stop Californians from legalizing marijuana. Los Angeles Times. html. Konnoth, C. , & Gates, G. J.  Same-sex couples and immigration in the United States. Retrieved August 15, 2018 from http://www. pewforum. org/2007/02/28/same-sex-marriage-in-california-legal-and-political-prospects/. Skelton, A. , & Tysver, R.

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